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Buy P10 load for a chance to win an iPhone 13 Pro Max!

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Promo Mechanics:

  1. The promo will run on January 3 to 18, 2022, and is extended until January 31, 2022 as approved by DTI-FTEB.
  2. The promo is open to new and existing PayMaya users (consumer accounts only) who will buy P10 prepaid regular load for Smart/Sun/Globe/TM from the PayMaya shop within the indicated promo period.
  3. Qualified users can participate in the promo and earn raffle entries for every single-receipt P10 prepaid regular load transaction made from the PayMaya Shop.
  4. A user can earn one (1) raffle entry for every qualified transaction for a chance to win one (1) out of five (5) iPhone 13 Pro Max smartphones
  5. Qualified users can also get 5% cashback when they buy any of the participating PHP 10 load items, as approved by DTI-FTEB
    1. For more information visit:
  6. This promo is applicable to unique and valid PayMaya accounts only. Multiple transactions/payments made from the same device using different mobile numbers will not be considered valid.
  7. The promo is open to both self-loading and gifting transactions to receivers with an active PayMaya account. Should the winning entry be a gift, the receiver will be entitled to the prize.
  8. The following transactions will not be qualified from participating in the promo:
    1. Buying prepaid load from the other load sellers using your PayMaya Number
    2. Buying prepaid load from other load sellers using your PayMaya virtual or physical card
  9. Computation of raffle entries will be as follows:
    • 1 x P10 Smart/Sun/Globe/TM transaction = 1 raffle entry
    • 2 x P10 Smart/Sun/Globe/TM transactions = 2 raffle entries
  10. Qualified participants will receive an SMS notification after each successful transaction:

    Awesome! You have received 1 raffle entry for buying regular P10 load using PayMaya! You now have a chance to win an iPhone 13 Pro Max!

    As of (txn_date), you have a total of (total_raffle) raffle entries. Visit to know more!

  11. The deadline for earning raffle entries January 31, 2022, 11:59 PM, Philippine Standard Time, as approved by DTI-FTEB
  12. There will be a total of five (5) winners of brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max smartphones for the whole promo duration. The prize will come as follows, as approved by DTI-FTEB:
    Model iPhone 13 Pro Max
    Color/Finish Graphite
    Storage Capacity 128 GB
  1. The winner will be drawn on February 3, 2022, as approved by DTI-FTEB
  2. PayMaya shall shoulder the 20% withholding tax for prizes exceeding P10,000.
  3. The draw will be conducted via Microsoft Teams with a DTI representative. The promo winners will be announced anytime from the raffle draw to up to fourteen (14) days after the raffle draw. The promo organizer’s decision to award the grand prize to the selected winner is final with the concurrence of DTI-FTEB.
  4. The names of all the winners will be announced on PayMaya’s official Facebook page.
  5. The winner will be notified via phone call to their PayMaya-registered mobile number and via registered mail. A PayMaya representative will get in touch with the winners to verify their identity and to give further instructions on prize disbursement.
  6. Prizes are non-transferable.
  7. PayMaya will manage the prize delivery and shoulder courier fees for all winners.
  8. All winners have to send a copy of a valid government ID to in order to claim their prize. Redemption period is 60 days upon receipt of notification from PayMaya Philippines, Inc.
  9. Failure to comply with any of the requirements or the terms and conditions herein, will have the winners forfeit their winnings with prior approval from the DTI-FTEB.
  10. With prior approval of DTI, PayMaya Philippines, Inc. reserves the right to declare forfeiture of prize in the event that the winner fails to claim the prize within the allotted period of redemption.
  11. Unclaimed prizes within 60 days upon receipt of notification will be forfeited in favor of PayMaya Philippines, with prior approval from DTI-FTEB.
  12. PayMaya users with merchant accounts and those under PayMaya Negosyo are disqualified from participating in this promo.
  13. All regular and contractual employees of PayMaya Philippines, Inc. and its third-party suppliers, Voyager Innovations, Inc. and the MVP Group of Companies, including their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the promotion.
  14. Any prize received by the qualified user shall be deemed final unless the customer files a complaint within 30 days from the end of the promo period. For clarifications and complaints relative to this promo, please call 8845-7788 or email
  15. This promo is applicable to unique and valid PayMaya accounts only. PayMaya reserves the right to withdraw rewards or prizes if one person has already received the prize or benefit, even if already issued
  16. PayMaya users with duplicate accounts or who are blacklisted cannot participate in this promo. PayMaya reserves the right to cancel or withdraw the prize or benefit if proven to be a duplicate account or participant is blacklisted.
  17. PayMaya reserves the right to refuse the awarding of rewards or prizes to accounts that are proven to be invalid or fraudulent or a result of gaming (i.e. abuse of system or weakness in the promo to win prizes or receive benefits).
  18. The customer must notify PayMaya for any complaints regarding the promo. The decision of PayMaya and the complaint with concurrence of DTI FTEB shall be considered final. For clarifications and complaints relative to this promo, please email
  19. PayMaya users who have exceeded their aggregate limits may not receive their prize or cashback on time. The prize or cashback can only be credited the following month or once a user’s account balance is once again within the allowable limits – P50,000 for starter accounts and P100,000 for upgraded accounts.

DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-134182 Series of 2021

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