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Mobile Protect

Stay worry-free in case of cracked screen or liquid breakage!

Provided by Bolttech

Why choose Mobile Protect?

What’s Included

Coverage Accident & Liquid Breakage Cracked Screen
Protection Entire phone Screen only
Repair Limit Either 2 repairs or 1 repair + 1 replacement 2 repairs within 12 months
Phone Replacement Yes No
Service Fees Yes Yes
Repair Speed Within 24 hours Within 24 hours
Pick up and delivery Free of charge Free of charge
Price per month ₱31.00 ₱21.00

How to subscribe to Mobile Protect?

  1. On your Maya home screen, tap "More"
  2. Under Payments, tap "Protect"
  3. Tap "Mobile Protect" and choose the mobile protection package you'd like for your smartphone.
  4. Provide your personal and smartphone details and proceed to pay using your Maya account. 

    *Note: For used/aged devices not older than 18 months olds, start the Diagnostics Test

It’s everything and a bank. What more could you need?

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