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Over the last few years, video games and esports have enjoyed increasing popularity worldwide. In particular, in Southeast Asia, the Philippines has emerged as a growing hub for gaming. The 2019 Esports and Gaming Summit recorded more than 40,000 attendees, while various Filipino teams copped multiple medals in various esports events in the 30th Southeast Asian Games.

For many Filipinos, one of the biggest names in esports is Garena. With popular games such as League of Legends, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Lite, and Heroes of Newerth (HON) on PC, and Call of Duty Mobile and Arena of Valor on mobile, Garena is instrumental in the rise of gaming and esports in the country.

Luckily, more and more Pinoys now have access to Garena and other video games and platforms. Aside from the affordability of mobile phones and other gaming devices, it’s also easier nowadays to get gaming pins and credits. For example, you can use Maya Gaming Pins and convert them into Garena Shells.

What Are Garena Shells?

Garena Shells are the online currency used in Garena-operated games, similar to gold or other forms of in-game money. Using Garena Shells, you can buy Garena games, purchase in-game items, mods or skins, and other pay-to access exclusives.

Remember that once you buy Garena Shells, you can only spend them in Garena games. There’s no way to convert them back to Philippine pesos or other real-world currencies.

How to Get Your Garena Shells Through Maya

Buying Garena Shells through Maya is easy. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Select the “Gaming” option on the Maya app’s home page.
  2. Scroll and select the denomination you prefer. You can also use the in-app search bar and type Garena.
  3. Input the required details then press “Continue.”
  4. Review the information then tap “Buy,” then wait for the SMS confirmation.

The SMS confirmation comes with the gaming pin or voucher you need to input on the Garena website or app when you log in. There’s also a “Send as Gift” button that you can toggle if you want to send the Garena Shells to your fellow players.

Maya has seven denominations available for Garena players: 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, and 1,000 Shells, which can also be used for a Gold Membership. Some of the benefits of a Garena Gold Membership include XP boosts, unlocked characters, and VIP access to game events.

More Games with Maya

Aside from Garena-operated games, you can also use Maya to purchase credits for the PlayStation Network and the Nintendo eShop (US accounts only). You can also use your Maya balance to purchase credits for popular games and platforms, such as Ragnarok Mobile, Mobile Legends, Dragon Nest, PlayPark, Blizzard, and Steam.

You’re sure to enjoy hours of fun playing your favorite games with Maya. Just download it for free from the App Store, Google Play, or the Huawei App Gallery. Then, just make sure you have enough balance on your account to make the gaming pin purchase.

Happy gaming!

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