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Big things sometimes come in small packages. Here are simple “giftable” items from Lazada to address common problems and bring a new sense of comfort and convenience to your daily life.

1. Always losing your keys or wallet? Keep them on your radar with this bluetooth tracker.

Before ₱ 1,917.00, now  441.00

2. A boy scout’s must-have — the Ninja Credit Card Multi-Tools Wallet is the new swiss knife with 18 different functions in one slim card. 

Before ₱ 499.00, now  117.00

3. Charge your device without the damage of constant plugging and unplugging with this Magnetic Micro USB cable.

Before ₱ 1,401.28, now  532.48

4. Stuck with a sluggish car battery on the road? Not a problem if you have your own Portable Car Jump Starter.

Before ₱ 5,999.00, now  2,198.00

5. Let music power up your workout with these bluetooth earphones, which also come with a mic for phone call breaks.

Before ₱ 2,499.00, now  1,899.05

6. Maximize your apartment space with behind-the-door storage or kitchen organizers.

 Before ₱ 899.00, now  331.00

7. Whip up an entire batch of sunny-side-up eggs and mini pancakes in a jiffy with a nonstick pancake or egg ring.

Before ₱ 1,599.00, now  620.10

8. Cleaning your knives, spoons, and forks can be a breeze with a kitchen cutlery cleaning brush.

 Before ₱ 842.00, now  421.00

9. Drain your pasta or veggies straight from the bowl or pan with a hands-free strainer.

Before ₱ 900.00, now  300.60

10. Lastly, give your room a comfy, bohemian update with this mandala floor pillow.

Before ₱ 1,925.00, now  860.22

What are your recent finds or must-haves from Lazada? Share with us your hidden gems via @mayaiseverything on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. (Next: The Moving Out Starter Pack: Things To Buy For Your First Apartment)

*Lazada prices are as of Sept. 15, 2017

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