Moving Out Starter Pack: Things To Buy For Your Apartment

Sooner or later, everyone has to move out of their parents’ home and into their own space. If you’re not quite sure where to start or which items to buy first, then this list is for you!

First off, get the essentials: a bed frame, a mattress, and maybe even a fridge. Consider these your first home investments since you’ll be using these items for the next few years. As for everything else, you can start with these 11 household items available at Lazada. Best part is, ALL of the items on this list amount to less than 10,000 pesos!

1. Rice Cooker

Kyowa KW-2800 1.5 Slow Cooker  – before: ₱ 2,500.00, now only P841

Instead of buying cooked rice every day, get a rice cooker or slow cooker that also doubles as a steamer for your veggies and slow-cooked meats.

2. Extra Room Lighting

Ikea Lersta Adjustable Floor Lamp (Silver) – before: ₱ 2,000.00, now only P999

This is more of a ‘want’ than a ‘need’ but your eyes will thank you for it! Make your reading corner or study desk well-lit with this chic, functional, and budget-friendly floor lamp.

3. Folding Table

Primetime Folding Multi-Height Personal Table 20″x30″ – before: ₱ 1,999.00, now only P1,299

It’s back to basics if you’re renting an empty studio. Start small with a foldable working table, which you can easily store or move away when you get a bigger and better desk.

4. Flat Iron or Steamer

Imarflex IR-240B Flat Iron (Blue)  – P500

Flex your domestic muscles with a basic flat iron. You won’t even need an ironing board, you can just iron on top of your bed.

ZMB Tobi Portable Travel Steamer Clothes Iron – before: ₱ 1,000.00, now only P380

For lighter clothes that require just a bit of heat, you can opt for a clothes steamer. It’s both handy and easy to use so looking well put-together won’t feel like a chore.

5. Bed Pillows

Magic Bed Pillow Set 2 White – before: ₱ 899.00, now only P435

Get not one, but two fluffy white pillows if you have the luck and patience to spot amazing deals online.

6. Kitchen Rack

Multifunctional Kitchen Rack (White) – before: ₱ 1,350.00, now only P829

You would need your own set of plates, cups, and cutlery. Then you would need something to store them neatly, such as the kitchen rack below.

7. Stand Fan

Union UGSF-1635R AS 16″ Stand Fan – before: ₱ 1,195.00, now only P999

An air conditioner would be cool (pun intended). But if you would want to save on electricity costs, a sturdy fan should be enough to ventilate your room.

8. Wardrobe Case

Lucky Man Class A 88130 Fashion Cloth Storage Wardrobe (Grey) – before: ₱ 1,999.00, now only P699

As you save for sturdier cabinets, a cloth wardrobe case can keep your clothes, towels, and sheets clean and organized.

9. Water Dispenser

Fukuda FWD-788 L Table Top Hot and Normal Water Dispenser (White) – before: ₱ 999.00, now only P899

Stay hydrated with a water dispenser to serve you hot or cold water on tap.

10. Electric Stove

Hanabishi Electric Stove Hes 60F (Silver) – before: ₱ 1,180.00, now only P1,099

Start exploring your culinary prowess and prepare healthy home-cooked meals with an electric stove.

11. Coffee Maker

American Heritage Coffee Maker (Black) – before: ₱ 699.00, now only P679

If you love coffee, then a coffee maker would be a must-have so you can ditch your instant coffee habit.


Would you believe that all of these items amount to only P9,436? Not bad for a handful of household essentials for your first home!

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