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Did you know that the Philippines is the fifth-largest supplier of online labor in the world? Indeed, as technology has advanced (and the traffic situation worsened), the concept of remote work has continued to gain traction over the past decade. Indeed, more and more Filipinos have become part of the gig economy, while an increasing number of employers have also embraced the concept of telecommuting. This has allowed more employees to work from home while also creating more remote working opportunities for more types of jobs.

Today, with the pandemic as a catalyst, remote work has now become a normal set-up for many. And for employers, remote work results in huge savings on overhead costs. Studies have also shown that remote work can actually increase productivity. Meanwhile, for employees, remote work can improve overall well-being. In particular, the reduced exposure and thus reduced risk of contracting COVID-19 can boost one’s peace of mind. And as a bonus, working from home also promotes a better work-life balance.

The situation has also opened more income opportunities for Filipino freelancers, particularly those in the fields of multimedia, clerical and data entry, and software development. Those who managed to stay employed through the crisis can also look for online jobs to supplement their income. Luckily, technological developments have made remote work easier to facilitate. From high-speed internet to e-wallet apps that people working online jobs in the Philippines can use, more people can now participate in the booming gig economy. There are also multiple platforms to find online jobs, including social media and dedicated freelancing platforms.

That being said, below is a list of some of the highest-paying online jobs you can choose from. If your job description or skills fit any of the following, consider pursuing these jobs as a full-time or part-time career.

IT Project Manager

Jobs in information technology (IT) have been in-demand for years. They’re quite lucrative, too. Take an IT project manager for example. On average, they can earn about Php 958,000 per year. More experienced IT project managers can command an annual salary of up to Php 2 million or more.

Aside from the relevant bachelor’s degree, IT project managers need to possess skills such as planning and problem-solving to qualify for the job. They should also be knowledgeable in using applications such as Microsoft Office and project management apps.

Application Developer

Everyone who uses a smartphone or computer is 100% guaranteed to be using various applications, whether for productivity or entertainment. Thus, it’s only logical for application developers to earn quite a high salary. The average is Php 442,000 yearly but skilled developers, especially those who can create apps for multiple operating systems, can earn more than Php 1 million a year.

As an application developer, you’re expected to know various programming languages. These include JavaScript, SQL, C#, and .NET. The more of these programming languages you know, the higher the pay you can command. You also need to be able to write, modify, and debug software. More importantly, you need to be able to analyze various technical requirements and “transform” them into an app.

Software Engineer

Software engineers can command a yearly average salary of Php 451,000, increasing proportionately as you gain more experience. Indeed, tenured software engineers can easily earn more than Php 1 million a year.

As a software engineer, you’ll be involved in both the design and development stages of software development. You’ll develop the software’s functions, ensuring that the resulting product works seamlessly as it is intended. Collaboration is also crucial, especially with programmers and designers. You’re expected to know various programming languages, too.

Digital Marketing Manager

With the rise of the digital age also came the rise of digital marketing careers. People are spending more time online nowadays, not to mention that more people in general now have access to the internet. Thus digital marketing managers have a crucial job of developing and managing campaigns that promote brand loyalty and increase sales. They should also possess an understanding of SEO, social media, and e-commerce, all of which are significant contributors to a brand’s digital presence.

Digital marketing managers have an average annual compensation of Php 610,000 or about Php 50,000 per month. This can climb up to Php 2 million a year for those with more experience and skills. This rate is usually for office-based or regular employees. For freelancers, the average is a little more unpredictable. However, freelance digital marketing managers can also take on multiple clients at a time to push their average income higher.

Social Media Manager

Filipinos are among the world’s heaviest users of social media, particularly Facebook. Thus, brands usually hire social media managers specifically to keep track of their presence on various platforms. The job usually entails community management, along with the development of posts that achieve unique goals (e.g., engagement, awareness, sales, and the like). Social media managers also develop and execute social media strategies, as well as identify monetization opportunities for the brand. Social media managers are also expected to analyze data and create actionable plans based on their analysis.

Social media managers have an opportunity to earn Php 250,000 annually, which can increase based on one’s experience and skillset. Many social media managers are regularly employed, but there are also plenty of freelancers that cater to several clients at the same time. Social media managers can eventually progress as digital marketing managers and thus increase their earning capacity.

E-Commerce Manager

One of the booming industries in the Philippines is e-commerce. Even before the pandemic struck, more and more Filipinos have been engaging in online selling. Online marketplaces continue to enjoy high traffic and big-name brands have also integrated e-commerce to their websites. With this transition, e-commerce managers have become in-demand jobs.

As an e-commerce manager, you’ll be tasked to develop marketing and advertising plans to maximize sales and increase awareness. Budget planning and market research are also crucial parts of the job. You’ll also be in charge of ensuring a smooth transaction flow and optimizing e-commerce websites for the best possible customer experience. The average take-home pay of e-commerce managers is around P522,000 every year, although you can expect this rate to rise as more and more companies make the online shift.


For those fluent in foreign languages and are interested in flexible work hours, a translator is a great career path to take. The average pay is about Php 560,000 per year, although do note that this job usually pays by the hour. The more work you do, the more you get paid.

Beyond translating visual and audio materials, translators may also be tasked to educate their clients about the other party’s history, culture, and customs. This helps the client avoid making faux pas and taboo behaviors that can damage their reputation.


The average Filipino would probably think that animation is only for TV shows and movies. However, animators can also make a living by developing 2D and 3D animations for video games, commercials, and even educational materials. With the necessary skills, such as storyboarding and proficiency in animation software, an animator can earn an average pay of Php 347,000 annually. Additional skills that can push your pay higher include freehand drawing, modeling, rigging, and scripting. Do note that most of the time animators work with teams of artists, software developers, and writers.

Human Resource Manager

Human resource managers can earn an average yearly salary of Php 524,000; entry-level HR professionals can take home an average pay of almost Php 300,000 per year. HR practitioners ensure that a company’s policies and procedures comply with established laws, and develop programs that ensure the well-being of the employees. Things like compensation packages, additional benefits, and training programs also fall within the responsibilities of the HR department. HR managers also handle employee complaints and concerns, including sensitive issues like bullying and sexual harassment.

Often, companies have their own HR personnel. However, there are also a lot of businesses that outsource their HR needs to freelancers or manpower companies.

Client Relationship Manager

Most companies often have multiple clients. To maintain their good business relationships with these clients, these companies hire customer relationships managers or CRMs. Their most important role is client retention. If there’s something that a client needs (or wants), it’s the CRM’s job to find a solution without compromising the company’s best interests. At times, CRMs are also expected to handle client-related crises and develop processes that help facilitate more seamless operations.

To be a competent customer relationship manager, you need to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. What’s more, you need a deep understanding of business negotiations. Time management and proactive problem-solving are also crucial. CRMs can earn an average annual salary of Php 341,000 per year. If you work as a consultant, it’s possible to earn more.

SEO Specialist

SEO or search engine optimization is an internet marketing strategy that focuses on improving the quantity and quality of website traffic. This is achieved by increasing a website or web page’s visibility in a search engine (usually Google), through various techniques such as content creation and cross-linking. This is where SEO specialists come in. They can recommend the best techniques to use in order to achieve quality traffic and maintain good rankings.

What’s great about SEO is that anyone can learn it. Your educational background doesn’t matter, although familiarity with digital marketing is a plus. There are various SEO courses online that can show you the ropes and eventually help you become an expert. Most SEO specialists can expect an annual average salary of Php 320,000. Becoming a part-time SEO specialist or consultant can also help you earn extra income if you have a full-time job.

Web Developer

Web developers are in charge of building the backbone of websites, using programming languages to ensure that the website performs its functions. Usually, web developers are expected to know HTML and CSS, along with JavaScript. WordPress development is also crucial, along with responsive design. Most of the time, web developers work with web designers (who are in charge of creating the website’s appearance).

For those permanent positions in a company, a web developer can earn a median annual income of about Php 290,000. Freelancers can earn more or less than this figure, depending on the size of the project. Your earning potential will increase if you can fulfill the roles of both a web designer and a web developer.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers can earn an average annual income of Php 231,000 as a regular employee. This figure can increase drastically when you take the freelance route, although you have to be quite persistent in looking for clients. However, you’ll find it easier to find new customers once you’ve established a positive reputation. You can also specialize in certain aspects of graphic design, if you want, such as logos or web design.

What’s great about being a graphic designer is that you can work in any industry. You can work for tech-based companies, design companies, or even a manufacturer. This is because every company needs designers in various capacities. For example, you can create brochures for a new product or create a layout for a magazine advertisement. You may even be asked to design marketing materials such as business cards and flyers.


The average annual salary of accountants is around Php 300,000; entry-level accountants can earn an average of Php 222,800 yearly, while those with more experience can easily make Php 420,000 or more per year. There are many companies that hire their own in-house accountants, although there are also businesses that choose to outsource their accounting needs.

Aside from creating financial reports, conducting internal audits, and making balance sheets, accountants often handle payroll concerns. Accountants may also help with or directly handle tax filing for both the company and its employees. If you’re a freelance accountant, consider offering your services to fellow freelancers and online sellers for a minimal fee. This way, they can file their taxes properly and keep track of their cash flow.

Content Writer

Content writers have an average annual salary of Php 242,000. This can easily climb to Php 400,000 depending on your writing skill and knowledge of various topics. You can also choose to be a freelance content writer, working for various clients both in the Philippines and abroad.

Aside from writing skills and language proficiency, content writers should also know how to do proper research. Critical thinking is also important, along with editing skills (since not all companies or clients may have editors working with them). What’s more, if you’re assigned to write articles, you should be able to come up with topics or titles relevant to the subject. At the same time, you should also be prepared to write various kinds of content, such as website pages, email newsletters, ads, and brochures.

These are just a few of the many online jobs that you can explore. Do note that, with the so-called “new normal,” many jobs are now shifting online. There are also plenty of opportunities for full-time and part-time work. The key is to be patient in your search. Be kind to yourself. There will always be an adjustment period, especially if you’re used to an office setting. Good luck!






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