The Top 25 Online Shopping Sites in the Philippines for Every Need

Online shopping has emerged as a favorite internet-based activity for many Filipinos. According to a report released by We Are Social and Hootsuite in January 2019, 71 percent of the country’s more than 107 million population use the internet, and of these users, more than 70 percent admitted to buying something online within the last 3 months. The same report also mentioned that the e-commerce market has made a grand total of USD 840 million in annual sales revenue, with a positive 22 percent year-on-year change. These numbers only affirm that a digital-based economy is gaining momentum.

In light of the new normal, it’s expected that more and more people will come to appreciate the convenience, lower prices, and exclusive deals and items that they have access to when they shop online. Those who are new to online shopping might have a bit of trouble navigating the sea of merchants and retailers that they’ll find on the internet. To make it easier for them to access reliable online shopping Philippine websites for their general and particular needs, we’ve listed down the top 25 stores in the country:


Zalora. Singapore-based Zalora is an online marketplace that specializes in showcasing boutique fashion brands. In 2012, the same year the company was founded, it launched websites in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. The website has an extensive list of top fashion brands for men, women, and children, and shoppers can easily find items here regardless if they plan on saving or splurging. Zalora sells all-original items, offers 30-day returns, and frequently provides discount codes.

Seek the Uniq. Established in 2013, Seek the Uniq is a homegrown online store that found its niche in women’s fashion. The website presents guests and consumers with a collection of clothes, skincare and beauty products, shoes, and accessories. They’ve recently expanded their selection to household essentials and wellness products. There’s no need to create an account to order from Seek the Uniq, just input the information that they need so they can deliver the items to your location and you’re good to go.

Capital. Capital is the go-to spot for sneakerheads both online and offline. The brand has 8 brick-and-mortar stores in the metro, but they also offer a wide variety of shoes on their online store. Aside from shoes, Capital also sells footwear care accessories that will keep your kicks in tip-top condition—ready for your next adventure.

Ni-Qua. Headquartered in Marikina, Ni-Qua brings to the table quality leather bags and accessories made by local artisans. They design and make the leather goods that they display on their website, but they accept bespoke orders from clients who want to have a unique look for their bag or shoes as well. Ni-Qua also creates specialty items like leather bags for travel, cameras, and even pets.

Mango. Founded in Barcelona in 1984, the clothing brand Mango opened their first online store in 2000. This offers a glimpse of the entrepreneurial spirit that has pushed the company to expand internationally. Mango presents consumers with Mediterranean-style ready-to-wear clothing and accessories for women, men, and children.


Beauty MNL. Driven by the desire to make their customers feel their most beautiful every day, BeautyMNL found their footing on the online marketplace by providing a wide but well-curated selection of skincare and cosmetic products. The online store features everything from homegrown beauty brands to international brands with a cult following.

Sephora PH. Founded in 1970 in Paris, Sephora has been making skincare, cosmetics, and other personal care products more accessible to their customers for the past 50 years. While the brand has hundreds of brick-and-mortar shops around the world, the company has also made an effort to grow their online stores. There are over 13,000 brands featured on different Sephora websites in addition to the brand’s private label.

Beauty Bar. Established in 1999, Beauty Bar is a personal care concept store that offers a wide array of cosmetics, skincare, and beauty brands from all over the world. Since its launch in 2011, the brand’s online store has served as a one-stop-shop for beauty products. In addition to these, customers can also book beauty-related services from partner establishments on the store’s website.

Glamourbox. Skincare and beauty enthusiasts who are on the lookout for something out of the ordinary can head to Glamourbox to find an extensive selection of local and international skin and cosmetic products. The store’s online selection includes cruelty-free makeup and a number of exclusive brands with a cult following.

Human Nature. Another homegrown brand, Human Nature manufactures and sells their own line of personal care products and cosmetics. The company was founded to empower urban and rural communities and to offer consumers in the Philippines and elsewhere safe and environment-friendly products made from local ingredients. Recently, the store has added household goods and food and wellness items to their online inventory.


Metro Mart. The online platform Metro Mart takes the hassle out of shopping for groceries and daily essentials by connecting customers with shops that are near their address. Simply choose a location on the map, click on a nearby store, and shop for the products you need at store price. Metro Mart also offers free delivery and discount promos. Download the app on Google Play and App Store to make your next shopping errand more convenient.

Pushkart. Developed by a group of Filipino millennials, Pushkart is another online store that specializes in grocery delivery. The platform offers an easy shopping experience, a wide array of fresh produce, and the same prices as the stores they partner with. After creating an account, simply add your desired items to cart then wait for it to be delivered right at your doorstep. It’s that easy. Download the store’s app on Google Play.

Marketa Philippines. The online grocery store Marketa is a champion of local micro, small, and medium enterprises. The store helps small companies build their brand online and reach buyers near their location. To shop, simply choose your area, search for the product you want to buy, and specify delivery and payment options. Consumers that choose to shop on Marketa can pick from a wide variety of locally sourced and produced items such as food and drinks, art and design supplies, tech items, automotive parts and accessories, and home improvement tools and equipment.

Session Groceries. Farm-to-table, that’s the concept that Session Groceries is working with. The store was founded with the aim of encouraging farmers to continue farming and to make fresh local produce more accessible to modern consumers. The store has built a number of meaningful partnerships with local farms. Session Groceries is available on Google Play and App Store.

Gadgets and Gizmos

Poundit. Experience happiness right at your doorstep—that’s the Poundit motto. The online store presents customers with risk-free online shopping, nationwide delivery, and all-original items with a manufacturer’s warranty from partner brands. The e-commerce website was first launched in 2014. Now, it’s the go-to website for anything gadget-related. Poundit has a wide selection of brands and products in their roster, plus they also sell games, load and credits, and mystery boxes.

Kimstore. A go-to site for gadget seekers, Kimstore first made a splash in the local scene when it launched in 2006. Now, more than a decade in the business, the store continues to provide quality electronics at reasonable prices. Here, consumers can find everything from cellphones and cameras to no-contact thermometers and UV sanitizers.

DataBlitz. DataBlitz opened the doors to its first brick-and-mortar store in 1995. The company is committed to selling only original software and hardware at the best possible prices. Eventually, DataBlitz launched an online store that focuses on gaming and multimedia. Aside from buying gaming consoles and other electronic products, customers can also purchase and preorder games on DataBlitz’s website.

Villman. Villman is another store that has physical locations and a thriving online store. Their website offers a wide range of computers and components as well as gadgets, storage, printers, and other accessories. In addition, they also have networking components for those who are planning to upgrade their home or office setup. Every now and then, the website also hosts promos and sales for their hardware and software products.

Henry’s Camera. Videographers, photographers, and vloggers who are looking to upgrade their current setup usually head to Henry’s Camera to check out their options. Originally called Henry’s Professional, the company was founded in 1980 in Quiapo, Manila. Henry’s is known for capturing special moments for their customers and serving as the go-to shop for photography professionals and enthusiasts alike. In 2003, the company decided to make their cameras more accessible to a wider audience by focusing on their online store.

General Merchandise

Lazada. The e-commerce giant Lazada was launched in 2012 with the intent of providing consumers with a high-quality online shopping experience. The platform, as a whole, carries over 3,000 brands and serves more than 560 million consumers in Southeast Asia. The website offers a lot of products, but consumers can easily type what they’re looking for on the search bar to narrow their search. There’s also an onsite category list for those who want to see what their options are or find an item that strikes their fancy. Lazada pioneered cash on delivery, and the brand credits a fair bit of their success to this payment option. These days, consumers can also pay for their items using Maya.

Shopee. An e-commerce platform operating in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, Shopee was launched in 7 countries in 2015. In just 2 years, the marketplace has attracted more than 11,000 sellers to its platform. Today, Shopee is one of the most downloaded shopping portals, with over 200 million recorded downloads in 2019. The website offers a wide range of products ranging from gadgets and home improvement tools to groceries and baby products.

Carousell. Formerly also known as OLX (with which the company had merged with a few years back), Carousell is a marketplace that specializes in pre-owned items like car parts and accessories, tools and appliances, clothes and shoes, and books and crafting supplies. This Singapore-based company operates in Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other countries. Aside from pre-loved goods, Carousell now also has a jobs and services section where users can find job opportunities and various services that they can use for their home or business.

eBay Philippines. eBay Philippines is an online portal that attracts both sellers and buyers. You can find anything here, from jewelry and watches to household goods and toys. Consumers can buy items instantly or participate in biddings and compete with other interested buyers for the same item. Alternatively, sellers can make an account on the platform and make a bit of money on the side by selling items that they don’t want or no longer need. To ensure everyone’s safety and security, eBay has a feedback system in place, a security center, and a buyer protection program.

Deals and Discounts

Metrodeal. One of the top daily deals websites in the Philippines, Metrodeal presents its users with a wide variety of vouchers for restaurants, accommodations, and exciting activities. If you’ve been itching for a new experience, Metrodeal offers discounted rates for buffets, Lasik surgery, language courses, fitness classes, and many more. Recently, the website also added a section where users can purchase products like gadgets and household items at great prices. Metrodeal also has an app that’s on Google Play and App Store.

Dealgrocer. Founded in 2010, Dealgrocer presents its users with a selection of activities and experiences hosted by accommodations, restaurants, and other companies in and around the metro. The company is picky when it comes to choosing establishments to partner with, and they do extensive research on a restaurant or hotel beforehand. This, in turn, gives buyers the assurance that they’ll only get the most appealing and exclusive deals on the website.

Long as this list may be, it’s only scratching the surface of the thriving e-commerce scene in the country. Consumers who are willing to put themselves out there are likely to discover and explore a lot of other online shopping portals. If they’re worth their salt, these online establishments should be able to provide their customers with quality goods and services and excellent customer experience at the click of a finger.


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