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If there’s a group of people who deserves a clique of their own, it’s the eldest ates and kuyas of every family! Why not? As panganays, they have experiences that only each of them would understand.

Parents usually expect panganays to be more mature and responsible to set a good example for their younger siblings. They tend to carry these traits later in life, making “adulting” feel like second nature. If you’re a panganay or have younger siblings, raise your hand if you can relate to any of these items!

#1 You learned patience and generosity at a young age

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“Mas matanda ka, bigay mo na lang ‘yan sa mga kapatid mo,” is probably one of the most common phrases you often heard from your parents growing up. You learned early on that being patient and open to sharing are essential in keeping your home at peace. 

#2 You have responsibility over your siblings 

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Being alone with your siblings, no matter how short the time is, means being the “queen” or “king” of the household. This means that cleaning the house, washing the dishes, throwing the trash, and other household chores that are usually assigned to you, are delegated to your siblings whether they like it or not.

#3 You protect your siblings fiercely, even if they annoy you

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You’ll always be protective of your siblings no matter how annoying they get. You’re the first one to defend them from bullies in class and at times, you find yourself owning up to their mistakes just so they won’t be scolded. Sibling love at its finest!

#4 You enjoy spoiling your siblings

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Growing up, you’re used to sharing your things with your siblings or not getting what you want (right away). So now that you’re earning, it’s just normal that you still share with them like treating them out to meals and buying their wants. Needless to say, your siblings have a new ‘go-to’ person when it comes to shopping. *wink*

#5 Paying bills is now part of your responsibilities

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Electricity bills? Water bills? Phone bills? Name it, you’re currently paying it. As the eldest, you can’t help but pitch in and help your parents in paying for household bills. It’s hard at times, but it’s one of your responsibilities as a working adult.

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