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Are you still in the mood to do a Marie Kondo in your home, a.k.a. tidying up your space and letting go of items that no longer spark joy?

If you are, might as well earn cash from your discarded stash! Just separate ones that are still in good condition and sell them on online marketplaces such as Carousell.

To give you a quick guide, here’s a list of items you can easily sell or buy on Carousell!

#1 Preloved Clothes

Preloved Clothes on a transparent drawer


Carousell is like one digital ukay-ukay, which is just the perfect place for your preloved or never-been-used clothes!

Tip: If you’re looking to add something to your wardrobe, try checking out celebrity listings on Carousell and get branded items that are good as new!

#2 Home Decor and Appliances

A white extension cord with power cable attached on a wooden surface


Do you still have that unused coffee machine or oven toaster you got from a Christmas party years ago? Well, it’s high time that you get rid of it by selling it off alongside other home decors such as lamps, vases, or even dining tables!

#3 Art Pieces and Vintage Collections

A lady writing on a table using paper and a thin paint brush

Believe it or not, Carousell also caters to artists, antique, and vintage collectors. If you’ve had a few of your own art pieces or vintage collections, which you’ve been wanting to sell them off, this is the best chance to try doing it.  So if you have one that you’re already willing to let go of, make sure to give it a good price before putting it up on the site.

#4 K-Pop Merchandise

Lady surrounds with beautiful orange trees in the middle


Are you a K-Pop fan who recently changed bias (aka fave K-Pop Idol)? If yes, we suggest that instead of storing them inside boxes to dust, might as well have someone else adopt your ‘babies’! Just make sure to state your K-Pop paraphernalia’s exact condition for easier transactions.

Here’s an additional tip, if you want to buy some K-Pop merchandise, you can directly check out the ‘K-Pop Wave’ tab on the Carousell app.

#5 Concert Tickets and Vouchers

Group of people in a concert and a man in red jacket recording a video using mobile phone towards the stage performers


 Something came up and you can’t attend a concert you’ve got tickets to? No worries, you can easily put it up for sale on Carousell.

Before doing so, there are two things you should remember for your safety. First, make sure to hide important details of your ticket such as bar code, ticket number, and seat number to avoid anyone from using your photo in fake transactions. Second, if you’re on the other side and buying a ticket for yourself, don’t send your payment without seeing getting an actual look on the ticket. Meet the seller in public places and if you can help it, bring someone else with you.

Aside from these five items, you can also buy and sell other things like cosplay costumes, car parts and accessories, and baby items on Carousell.

Still can’t decide if you’re selling or not? We’re giving you a bigger reason to do so! Once you list your items for sale on Carousell, you get a chance to win up to P20,000! All you have to do is list your item on Carousell and include #CarousellxMaya in the item’s description box. After doing this, you can submit your entries via the registration form on Maya’s website.

It’s so easy! You won’t just get money out of your discarded stash, you can even win extra cash!

Visit maya.ph/deals for the latest promos and tips on how to make the most of your account.

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