Beaten Path: Unusual Attractions in this Island Paradise

There’s so much more to Bali than the beach. Think breathtaking natural beauty, rich Asian culture, and a collection of unusual activities that will ignite your senses and relax your mind. Check out these 7 hidden gems that can make anyone fall in love with this paradise:

1. Take up an Ecstatic Dance class at the Yoga Barn

Travelers from all around the world head to Bali for its reputation for spiritual healing. Some find it through the art of yoga and meditation, amplified by Bali’s beautiful environment. Locals and travelers highly recommend the Yoga Barn — surprisingly not for its yoga classes but for its Ecstatic Dance lessons.

The Yoga Barn


2. Climb an epic and historic temple at Pura Lempuyang Luhur

Lempuyang Temple, locally called Pura Lempuyang Luhur, is one of Bali’s oldest and highly regarded temples. Locals believe that pilgrims with a heavy heart will find it a challenge to reach the top, referring to the spiritual aspect of the climb.

While there are motorcycles that can take you up until the road ends, the temple’s main site is still an hour’s trek away. Nonetheless, the fulfillment of reaching the top, the majestic view, and Instagram-worthy photos to take will make this temple worth the climb.

Pura Lempuyang Luhur


3. Soak in a natural ‘jacuzzi’ at the Tegal Wangi Beach

Ever wanted to soak in your private tub with an amazing view of the ocean? Then make sure not to miss the Tegal Wangi Beach. This hideaway has two ‘ocean jacuzzis’ that can be seen when the tide isn’t high.

                                      via @putumarlonp and The Bali Mate

4. Slide down a waterfall at Aling-Aling

If you’ve always dreamed of sliding down a waterfall, then Aling-Aling is the place for your thrill-seeking soul. Visitors can slide, jump, and swim in crystal clear waters. Day tours are also available so you can have a professional guide give you safety gear and reminders.

Aling-Aling waterfall

                                             via TripCanvas Indonesia

5. Climb up a gravity-defying treehouse at Rumah Pohon Karangasem

Rumah Pohon means ‘tree house‘ in Indonesian. A treehouse is unusual for Bali but to make it even crazier, the tree’s branches actually wrap around the little house, making an illusion of the house being pushed up as the tree grew from the ground.

Rumah Pohon


6. Balinese Batik-making and Weaving

Batik is wearable art for Indonesia. You can find various classes in Bali that will take you through the batik-making process, from applying hot wax to a stenciled design to adding colors. The best part? You can also bring home your batik masterpiece as an awesome souvenir.

Batik Making 1


Batik Making 2

                                                           via pinterest

7. Swim in a natural ‘infinity pool’ at the Angel’s Billabong

Its emerald floors, pristine water, and illusion for an infinity pool make Angel’s Billabong one of Bali’s best secrets. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, its floor is also un-slippery and comfortable to walk on.

Angel's Billabong


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