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This holiday season is a time of reflection. If we truly dig deeper into ourselves, we can say that we are the wealthiest.

This is because, while we may not have all the money or possessions we desire, the most valuable things in this world don’t cost any amount of money at all. These are the things that grant us genuine happiness.

Here are 7 things that we can enjoy this Christmas that are totally free.


#1  Hugs

Hugs are the best! You can give them to anyone or anything.

You can hug your friends and family, your favorite teddy bear, or pets. You can even hug strangers—within reason, of course.

Whether your recipient is happy, sad, or angry, hugs can surely be a relief. Plus, if you give a hug, you instantly get one too!


#2  Smiles

This is the easiest to give and receive because a smile doesn’t require physical contact, just eye contact.

With or without showing teeth, a smile can warm hearts, brighten someone’s day, or even spark a conversation!


#3  Laughter

When they say laughter is the best medicine, it’s because it can cure anything from physical illnesses to emotional problems.

Genuine laughter is the best type because you can feel the goodness it brings when shared with family and friends!


#4  Happy Memories

Happy memories are treasures we will forever take with us. We can collect these memories from wonderful everyday moments we cherish.

These are usually partnered with a physical remembrance through pictures or souvenirs.


#5  Family and Friends

Having your family and friends with you, especially during the holiday season, is priceless. The times with them are the chances we have to collect happy memories.

We share laughter and hugs, sometimes tears, and simply enjoy the moment.


#6  Love

Probably the best free thing to give and receive is love. It can be shared with anyone and anything. You can’t always see it with your eyes, but you can feel it in your heart all the time.

Plus, you get to show your love in a million different ways! 


#7  Prepaid Load from Maya

This 7th thing is a bonus because you only get to enjoy it while it lasts.

Purchase at least P50 worth of prepaid load from the Maya shop to get a one-time reward of P50. It’s like buying P50 without spending P50!

Now you can keep texting, keep calling, and keep surfing this holiday season. For more details, visit our promo mechanics page.


This is just the beginning! There are so much more in this lifetime that we can get without spending a cent.

For example, did you know that you can get a chance to win P10,000 daily or even P10 million for free with the #PayMayaPaMore raffle promo? Each time you buy any amount of prepaid load from the Maya in-app Shop, you earn two (2) raffle entries for those prizes!

Here are more ways you can earn raffle entries:

Upgrading your account – 20 raffle entries

Sending Money – 2 raffle entries per day

* Shopping online and in stores – 2 raffle entries per purchase of P250 and up

Paying a bill with Maya  – 10 raffle entries per unique biller

#ScanToPay with Maya QR – 2 raffle entries per payment of P100 and up

Buying prepaid load from the Maya in-app Shop or Maya in Messenger – 2 raffle entries per purchase of any amount

Start using Maya now because this promo is until December 31, 2018 only! For more details, go to: pymy.co/10m.

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