Toys That Kids Want From Their Ninongs and Ninangs This Year

Little children are the stars of Christmas. It’s the one day a year when they get everything they want from their godparents!

We always ask the kids what gift they want to see under the Christmas tree, or even make them write letters to Santa Claus for the “secret magic” effect.

To give you an idea of what they might like to get this Christmas, this list features a modern, common, and classic desires of children’s hearts for this year.

Check out which ones fit your little one and your budget:


Slime Set

Aolvo Slime Supplies Kit

On Sale at P589, Lazada Philippines

For the both boys and girls, one of the most “in” things right now is DIY slime. Because of its popularity, both local and international toy companies have created an all-you-need slime-making set! You can find it in the arts and crafts section of bookstores, in toy stores, or online.

Be warned, though—the house might get a little messy post-Christmas day!


Lego Kit

LEGO City Dirt Road Pursuit 60172 Building Kit

On Sale at P2,299, Lazada Philippines

The popularity of Lego bricks makes it one of the most common gifts for boys. Lego kits always come in new models to build and it gets exciting especially for collectors. They’ve got everything from Marvel to Harry Potter, so the possibilities are endless!

Time spent building the Lego model can be the source of great bonding moments for parents and their kids.


3-Wheel Scooter

Little Jr 3 Wheels Scooter Green With Protective Pads

On Sale at P549, Lazada Philippines

If roller blades made waves in the 90’s, this one is the classic gift for 2000s. It’s still popular today with all the new superhero designs.

This gift is definitely made for the little boys who want to spend their time outdoors but want something cooler than bicycles!


L.O.L. Surprise Doll

L.O.L. Surprise! Pearl Style 2 Unwrapping Toy

P1,999.75, Lazada Philippines

Giving gifts is easier for the little “kikay” girls. Just give them something sparkly and pink, and they will squeal with kilig until the New Year!

The “in” thing right now is the variety of L.O.L. Surprise sets. These are tiny dolls that you can mix and match with accessories.

The surprise is the fun part. You’ll never know which dolls or accessories you’ll get until you finally open it!


My Little Pony Plush Doll

My Little Pony Cuddly Plush Pinkie Pie

P699.75, Lazada Philippines

The “My Little Pony” franchise has been around since the early 80’s, but it wasn’t until the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic aired that little girls (and adults, TBH) of this generation wanted to have their own pony friend.

With the popularity of rainbows and unicorns, a collection of huggable My Little Pony characters is a must-have anyone who wants a little magic in their life!


Mini Kitchen Set

Pretend Play Toys Stainless Steel Mini Kitchen Cookware Utensils Playset

On Sale at P999, Lazada Philippines

Probably the most classic gift that girls want is a mini kitchen set where they can practice their cooking skills with cute cookware items. Shows such as Master Chef Junior might have inspired them and it’s safer than letting them experiment on your real kitchen at home.

If you have aspiring chefs-in-training, go the extra mile and splurge on a cookware set that looks like mini-replicas of what you have in the kitchen. They’ll thank you for it in the future.

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