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Aside from the recent “ghosting” incidents (if you don’t know what we mean, you might want to check the news), it’s also our Chinese friends’ dreaded Ghost Month. Ghost Festival is celebrated in many Asian countries during the seventh month of the lunar calendar, which falls on August 1 to August 29 this year.

During this time, it is believed that bad luck brought by wandering ghosts or lost souls are likely to happen if certain rules aren’t observed. So whether you’re a superstitious or simply want to be on the safe side this season, here are five things you should or shouldn’t do:

#1 Avoid holding important events

Man kneeling holding a small white box with a ring inside towards a lady giving her hand

Since lost souls are believed to be roaming around, ready to bring bad luck, you should refrain from conducting huge events during this time. Therefore, it isn’t the best time to get married, sign contracts, do huge investments, or open business ventures.


#2 Be careful in doing "Buy and Sell"

Man in black suit reached a key to a person

It’s also advised to be careful of buying or selling assets, may it be big or small. You might find yourself getting a defective, overpriced, or problematic item. So if you can’t postpone getting that new phone, make sure to check what you’re buying thoroughly. 

Pro Tip: For a faster and more secure transaction, pay online sellers or receive money from buyers using Maya's Send Money feature! Remember that you need to have an upgraded account to send money.

#3 Stay in and enjoy your rest days

White bed and a book

Since lost souls mostly wander at night, it’s best to cut your days early and avoid staying out late to ward off bad energy. We know it’s hard, but you can take this as a month of resting from the party scene. *wink* 

But if you really want to go out, you can always book an Airbnb or hotel room for staycation! Get up to 6% cashback on booking.com when you use Maya on your bookings. 


#4 Wear protective charms

Lady help wears a gold wrist to another lady

Just like in Feng Shui, you can buy jewelry pieces or accessories that will protect you from bad energy this month. Your go-to place for possibly the best deals, Chinatown in Binondo! Make sure to bring your Maya card with you so you don’t have to worry about bringing too much cash while shopping around.


Ghost Month or not, it’s never a bad thing to be careful of our actions, especially if there's money involved! So make sure that you're spending your money through safe channels like Maya, where your money isn't just secure, you also get freebies and discounts!

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