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There are a lot of things to know before shopping online. For example, it’s important to check if the website is secure by looking at the URL. It should begin with https instead of http only. The “S” stands for secure, which means the website uses technology to keep your information safe.

It’s also a good idea to use a virtual credit card. It not only allows you to safely pay online, but also prevents overspending and gives you an easier means to keep track of your finances.

Finally and most importantly, you need to follow online shopping etiquette. This way, you’ll have a smooth transaction and sellers will remember you as a good buyer who’s easy to deal with. Here are just a few of the most important points of etiquette for online buyers:

Read, Read, Read

One of the most annoying things to an online seller is a potential buyer who asks “HM?” or “how much?”—even if the information is already in the image and/or caption. As a responsible buyer, make sure to read all the details provided and ask questions to the seller only if you need clarifications.

Be Polite

Many buyers are strict about their rules. If they say they’re only going to accept money transfers via Maya or online banking for payments, then that’s how they want to be paid. However, sellers are not unreasonable people. If you make a polite request, then perhaps they can make concessions for you.

The same goes for every other question or interaction with the seller. Some buyers can be rude, making all sorts of demands and expecting that they’ll be met without question. If you have a request, be mindful of your tone. You’ll be surprised at just how much more accommodating a seller can be if they’re dealing with honest and polite buyers.

Pay On Time and Reply Promptly

If you’re buying from online marketplaces, paying on time isn’t so much of an issue since you’ll be asked to pay on the spot (or choose COD instead). However, if you’re buying from independent sellers, you should definitely pay on or before the date specified. Make sure to also update the seller that you’ve made the payment. If you paid using your e-wallet, send a screenshot of the transaction along with your message.

Speaking of messages, make sure to reply to any confirmations and clarifications from the seller. It’s not ideal for them to hold or reserve your item for a long time, since there may be other interested buyers. As such, if the seller asks you for confirmation, make sure to tell them ASAP.

Don’t Be a Cheapskate

Everyone wants to save money. That’s why a lot of online shoppers are always looking for good deals. However, when you’re buying from independent sellers, be considerate when asking for discounts and freebies. Usually, these sellers don’t have a lot of working capital. There are also those who make their products on their own, and thus need the money to keep on making more.

Some sellers are willing to give discounts for bulk purchases; just ask them politely. If you still want discounts even for a reasonably priced product, then perhaps you shouldn’t be buying it in the first place.

Don’t Be a “Joy Reserver”

Aside from buyers who don’t read and understand a post or listing, joy reservers are also part of a seller’s blacklist. Joy reservers are those buyers who are only enthusiastic when reserving or inquiring about a product, but don’t actually push through with buying.

Again, as earlier mentioned, it’s bad for business if a seller reserves an item indefinitely. It can cause business losses, especially for small entrepreneurs. If you don’t want to buy an item or aren’t sure if you can buy it, then don’t reserve it.

Double-Check the Details

There are many ways to add money to your Maya account, which you can then use to pay online sellers. Before you pay, however, make sure that you get your details right. In particular, you have to get the account number and the amount right.

To help minimize errors, if you’re paying using your e-wallet, ask the seller for a QR code. This way, all you have to input is the amount of your purchase.

Once you’ve made the transfer, again, be prompt with your updates. This can even speed up the shipping of your purchase, since the seller is immediately notified of your payment.

Thank the Seller

Once you’ve received your purchase, thank the seller for the easy, hassle-free transaction. Make sure to leave a positive review both about the seller and the product. Recommend them to your friends, as well. This helps create a good online relationship, which can positively affect your future purchases. For example, there are sellers who like to give their suki freebies or discounts.

Even if you don’t get freebies or discounts, however, don’t be rude. Let the seller give these perks to you voluntarily. Be respectful and polite, and you’ll have a pleasing transaction every single time.


Just remember that when you practice proper online shopping behaviors, you’re sure to have a more pleasant experience.

Happy shopping!

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