Why Should You Shop Online for Your Household Essentials?

Filipinos, on average, spend 9 hours and 45 minutes of every day on the internet. It’s not surprising, then, that many people in the Philippines have discovered the joys of online shopping. From an engaging and highly enjoyable hobby, online shopping has now turned into an everyday activity that allows regular folks to purchase their daily needs and occasional wants.

Internet-savvy merchants are among those that are benefiting the most from this transformation. In 2019 alone, the ecommerce industry in the country reported USD 3 billion in sales turnover. By 2025, this number is expected to reach USD 12 billion. That’s not to say, however, that regular consumers get little in return. On the contrary, people who regularly shop for household essentials online do so because the activity allows them to enjoy the following:


One of the biggest advantages of doing your weekly grocery shopping over the internet is the level of convenience it affords consumers. While it’s an activity that most adults are used to doing at this point, shopping for groceries in real life is still a taxing activity, one that demands a significant amount of time and planning. Among other things, you have to determine how long it will take you, the best time to head to the store, how you’re going to get there and back to your house, and the aisles you have to pass by to complete your shopping list.

Shopping for your household essentials online, on the other hand, requires less time and energy. You can order the things you need from your preferred online shopping website without leaving your home or office. You can do it during your free time as well, even if that happens to be in the middle of the night when traditional brick-and-mortar stores have already closed their doors. The merchant will take care of completing your list for you and delivering it to your address. You just have to add your groceries to your cart, set a delivery time if it’s an option, complete the transaction, and wait for your items to arrive at your doorstep.

Easy Comparison

Comparing goods is an essential aspect of getting value for money when grocery shopping. Unfortunately, most physical stores don’t offer smart options for comparing goods. You’ll have to literally put the items you’re considering buying side by side so you can compare them. Online shopping sites, on the other hand, often have built-in tools that will make this task easier. The tool can present you with a table that lines up the similar characteristics of the items you’re on the fence about, and this can help you make informed purchasing decisions.

Wider Selection of Goods

Grocery shopping can be a stressful activity if you’re a discriminating consumer, especially if your go-to store has a limited number of items or brands on stock. If the store doesn’t carry the item you want, then you might be forced to go home without it or head to another store that might have the product. This isn’t a problem when you’re shopping for groceries online. If the online shop doesn’t have the product you need, you can check out another online merchant to immediately see if they have available stocks of that product.

Better Prices and Deals

Online stores also offer a wide variety of sales, promos, and discounts that will benefit any shopper who’s aiming to save on the cost of household essentials. Some of these promos are announced, meaning you can add your items to your cart, then complete the transaction on the date that the discounted price takes effect. There are also flash sales or unannounced promos that you can use if you suddenly run out of supplies at home. Many online shops have a dedicated promo page, making it easy for consumers to check the discounts they can use for their current purchase.

Different Means of Payment

The days when people have limited options for paying for their online purchases are long over. Now, you can choose to pay using your credit or debit card or pay in cash as soon as the item arrives. You can use digital wallet apps like Maya as well. Another option is to use a Maya physical card, which works just like a regular debit card, or a Maya virtual card, which can be accessed on the app.

Improved Safety Features

Carrying cash when shopping for groceries comes with its own set of safety issues. There’s the possibility of losing your cash before you can pay for your items, for one, and handling cash can be a health risk these days. Strides have been made in ensuring the safety and security of online and digital payments. It’s easy to track where your money went and it’s now an option to recoup your funds if you didn’t mean to spend it or if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, for example. Keeping an eye out for well-known online scams can also help you keep your financial information safe from malicious entities.

Online shopping is a convenient and safe way of filling your pantry and getting other essential supplies. Check out online shopping portals and you might just discover new favorite brands and products that will satisfy the needs and wants of your family—all without leaving the comfort of your home.

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