9 Habits To Leave Behind for a More Productive 2020

There’s nothing more motivating than setting new goals you’d like to achieve this new year. But before setting your goals, it’s only appropriate to reflect on your bad habits and leave them all in 2019. 

If you’re having a hard time thinking of which habits weren’t helpful to you last year, here are a few ones you can ponder on.

#1 Setting goals that are too big and broad

A man holding pen and blue book

Set small goals that could help you attain bigger goals. For example, instead of setting PHP50,000 as the amount you need to save this year, try aiming a specific amount to save every day. This way, you won’t be pressured in saving as you’re only looking at saving a smaller amount.     

#2 Sleeping and waking up late

Lady in white sleep robe wake up early in bed surrounds with building and a beautiful sunset outside

This 2020, make it a habit to sleep early so you can start your day earlier than usual. If you have enough time in the morning, you can prepare a packed lunch to bring to the office. Now you won’t need to spend money on lunch-outs 

#3 Being out of focus

If you’ve been easily distracted in 2019, it’s time to focus on your priorities and master how to manage your time wisely. It helps to list down your tasks daily and know which ones need your immediate attention.

#4 Procrastinating

Man holding both pen and calendar write a circle inside number twelve

Stop delaying accomplishing your tasks. Try to keep deadlines or timelines reasonable to make sure you have enough time to excel on your tasks. Once you have a list, practice the discipline to start and end on time.

#5 Always waiting for ‘what’s next’ 

A lady happy inside house sitting and drinking coffee facing in front of laptop

If you’re always waiting for the next big thing, you’ll never feel content with wherever you are in life. This year, try to be more present, enjoy the moment, and don’t worry too much about where you’re headed. 

#6 Hoarding things you don’t really need

Just because you like an item at first glance, doesn’t mean you should get it. Stop buying new books when you still have unread ones at home and don’t buy that new notebook, you probably have enough in your cabinet! 

#7 Focusing on negative things

A hand holding a sad lego brick and a happy lego brick behind

Leave the negativity in 2019 and welcome 2020 with a more positive outlook. Make it your priority to stop worrying about things you can’t control. It’s best to spend the next 11 months thinking of good things!

#8 Giving up

Tcreate a habit, you need consistency and determination. If you find yourself failing in any of your goals this year, don’t give up and try and try again!

Remember that what matters is you did your best to reach your goals this year.

#9 Impulse buying

Lady in red wearing hat and sun glasses happy holding both card and mobile phone

Before  buying an item, do the 72-hour rule wherein you wait and think on whether you really need the item. Aside from this rule of thumb, you can always wait for shop sales and pay using Maya so you can save and enjoy rewards!

If you haven’t started enjoying the perks of paying with Maya, it’s never too late to join in this 2020. Instead of paying in cash, make it a habit to pay using Maya!

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