8 Items You Can Bring to House Parties this Holiday Season

There’s no better time to gather, meet loved ones, and reunite over good meals than the holiday season. If you’ll be attending house parties, you’ve probably thought about what to bring even if the host already assured you that your presence is enough.  

For your peace of mind, we’ve prepared a list of items you can easily order online so you won’t come empty-handed to your next house party. 

#1 Baked Goodies and Desserts

Desserts are always welcome in any house party and might be the perfect way to put everyone in a good mood.  

If you’re thinking of baking your own goodies, make them holiday-themed with these Christmas cookie cutters!  

A box of holiday cookies and three shapes of star, flower and shoe 

What You Can Bring:
Lenox Christmas Cookie Cutters Set || ₱1,950 





#2 Christmas-themed Placemats

Want to help out your host in setting up the table? Ask him or her about the theme they have in mind and bring complementary placemats for their dream table setup for the night!  

A cup and spoon placed under a brown Christmas placemat

What You Can Bring:
30x45cm PVC Thick Christmas Placemat || ₱49/each 




#3 Hand Soap

Having party guests over means everyone will be washing their hands before and after eating. So before your host’s kitchen hand soap run out, ease their worries by bringing a replacement.  

Felicia Flora Hand Soap

What You Can Bring:
Elle Basic Felicia Flora Lilac and Hydrangeas Hand Soap || ₱295 






#4 Stylish Wooden Platter

While most of the guests like you will enjoy sweet desserts; it won’t be surprising if some of them says no and would prefer other snacks. Spice up the house party finger food by bringing a stylish wooden platter which can be used to serve snacks like cheese and fruits! 

Stylish Wooden Platter


What You Can Bring:
Wooden Pizza Paddle Cheese Serving Tray Plate || ₱208  




#5 House Plants

Bringing house plants like succulents isn’t just something you do during housewarming parties. You can also bring it for friends who prefer long-lasting plants rather than a bouquet of flowers that won’t last the holidays.  

Take it to the next level by bringing your succulent gifts in this cute and unique plant pots.  

Four different colors of house plant inside house

What You Can Bring:
4 Pieces of Little Warm Girl Planter Set || ₱885 




#6 Wine Glasses

One of the most popular items guests bring over to intimate house parties are bottles of wine. Since someone will surely bring a bottle over, you can do the honor of providing the wine glasses.  

Four transparent chalice glasses

What You Can Bring:
Vista Alegre Bicos Incolor Set With 4 White Wine Goblets || ₱1,950 



#7 Card Games

What’s a house party without a little fun? If you’re a bunch who loves playing games, bringing a puzzle or a card game may just be the best item to bring!  

Set of what do you meme card game

What You Can Bring:
Retailmnl What Do You Meme Card Games || ₱280 





#8 Disposable Camera

Make the house party something to remember by bringing a disposable camera to capture your house party moments. While everyone will snap a hundred photos on their smartphones, you can always make it special by making sure that these rare moments will be in print.  

Fujifilm disposable camera

What You Can Bring:
Fujifilm Simple Ace ISO 400 Disposable Camera || ₱899 





Did you get all that? Aside from the items we’ve listed above, there are still a lot of fun and thoughtful things you can bring to your friend’s home which are mostly available online. 

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