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You don’t need your smartphone to keep busy during long drives or flights!

These popular games will take you back to a simpler time, when all you need to have fun is a good game and the company of friends. Since most of these require cards, there’s no need to worry about awkward board setup or misplacing pieces.

Stock up on the materials for these games before your next trip!


1. Go Fish

Players: Two to five

You need: A regular deck of playing cards

 Black Plastic PVC Poker Waterproof Playing Cards

P470 on Lazada

A deck of black cards with four aces in show

Photo courtesy of Eleganthome via Lazada

All you need is a spare deck of cards and a bit of time to learn. This strategy game is easy enough for children to play.

The objective of the game is to form full sets of the same card to earn points. (Four Aces, for example.) Players draw from each other’s cards (“Do you have any threes?”) or from the center deck until all the cards have been exhausted, and the one with the most points at the end of the game wins! Read the full rules of the game here.

2. Battleship: Fun on the Run

Players: Two

You need: The Battleship travel board game


Battleship Fun on the Run Game

P3,059 at Lazada

A Battleship travel board game

                          Photo courtesy of Hasbro via Amazon

This travel version of the traditional Battleship board game is pricier than other options, but the price tag may be worth it to hardcore classic game fans.

As with the original game, the goal is to strategically place your own ships in areas that your opponent is unlikely to hit, as well as fire calculated “shots” at targeted areas of the board to sink their battleships.

Whoever runs out of ships first loses!

 3. Crazy Eights

Players: Two or more

You need: A regular deck of playing cards

Group of people playing card games around the table

Each player gets five to seven cards. The game involves matching the color, suit, or number of a card in your hand to the card drawn by the dealer. It continues until the deck runs out, and whoever plays all the cards in their hand first wins!

Learn the full rules of the game through this YouTube video.

 4. Human Jukeboxes

Players: Three or more

You need: Your voices

Group of people inside house sitting on a table singing together

With the recent release of Pitch Perfect 3 and the possibility of a Pitch Perfect 4, a capella is back in mainstream culture. Channel your inner Bella (or Treblemaker!) with this game.

Start this game Riff-Off style with a song category or with one player singing a lyric to a random song of their choice. The each player needs to connect the last word of the previous lyric to the beginning word of a new song lyric.

The person who fails to deliver a lyric within ten seconds loses the game!

 5. Awkward Turtle

Players: Four or more

You Need: The Awkward Turtle deck

 Vanker Adult Party Games – Awkward Turtle

P580 on Lazada

A awkward green turtle with a face of a man looking behind

                                      Photo courtesy of Vanker via Lazada


This card game is recommended for players 17 years old and up—it’s a word guessing card game that many have described as a mix of Taboo and Cards Against Humanity.

Players split into two teams of at least two players per team, and they try to guess the most “awkward sounding English words” within 60 seconds based on descriptions given by their teammates.


The team with the most points or the first team to reach 30 points is crowned The Awkward Turtle Champions. Read the full instructions here



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