Types Of Gamers According To Their Preferred Gaming Platform

Gaming technology has improved a lot in the modern age. We can see it in the variety of avenues that the developers are using to reach out to potential players worldwide.

Here are the types of gamers and the platforms that they prefer: 

 PC Gamer

A boy wearing cap sitting in front of a computer with a display of a man wearing battle suit and holding a gun


A Personal Computer or PC gamer is the most popular classification in the Philippines. This type of player uses a desktop or a laptop as long as the specifications of the device are compatible with gaming features.

Since the advent of the internet age, small spaces are being converted into computer shops. Apart from being a “tambayan” for people who used social media sites Friendster and later Facebook, the popularity of these neighborhood computer shops skyrocketed with the advent of games like Counter Strike, Ragnarok, and DOTA.  Children of all ages began to invade computer shops to play for hours, battling others in the same shop.

The rise of websites like Steam also lead to the increase in online games available, and more people got addicted to installing PC games and competing with other gamers from around the world. 

 Home Console Gamer

Lady in eye glasses facing in front monitor playing home console game

A console gamer is what you call a person who plays and probably owns different gaming consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, GameCube, and Dreamcast.

These gamers experienced using cartridges, CDs, memory cards, joysticks, and controllers. Right now, the most popular and still used consoles are the latest releases of Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox.

 Handheld Gamer

A boy wearing eye glasses facing and holding Nintendo Switch

Game developers and console producers thought of a way to make gaming more accessible and on-the-go. That is where the handheld devices came in.

It started from the Game Boy, which used cartridges and had so many improved versions over time. Then the Nintendo DS arrived, also with a lot of versions. It was released same time as the PlayStation Portable or popularly known as PSP came out.

Then most recently, who can forget the launch of the modern Nintendo Switch? Most gamers would want to have that in their hands anywhere.

 Mobile Gamer

A man in blue jacket sitting on a couch facing and holding a phone smilingA mobile gamer is the most rampant type. Anyone with a mobile phone and a game installed can already be called a mobile gamer. Compared to owning handheld consoles, a mobile phone is more practical because not only can you use it for gaming, you can also make calls and texts and even surf the internet.

And with the availability of Android and iOS compatible games, it is easier to access games that a PC, console, or handheld gamer can play.

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