Steam Credit: Walang patong, no credit card needed

Buying Steam Cards and codes cost more than the credits that we get. In this article, you’ll learn how you can buy 1:1 Steam credits (1 Steam Credit: 1 Peso).

How we buy Steam Credits today: Steam Cards/ Codes from retail stores, pc shops, online portals

The problem? You don’t get exactly what you paid for (ex. P1000 Steam credits can cost P1.13k). Some places that sell codes charge even higher because they use the technology of another party that allows them to generate the codes. Steam cards that are sold don’t follow updated USD to PHP conversion rates (ex. $1= P50 vs $1=P48.37). We visited retail stores, asked around pc shops, researched online portals, and concluded that gamers end up paying up to 20% more than they get.

Everyone wants to get their money’s worth, but the only other option is a credit card. The issue is, credit cards aren’t an option for a lot of people. Your best alternative? Download the Maya app

How we should buy Steam Credits: Use the Maya app

Maya is a free app that generates a virtual prepaid Visa card on your phone.  All you have to do is download the app, load it up at Maya’s load-up partners, and you can use the Maya virtual card details to purchase games and in-game items from Steam. Spend P500, get 500 Steam Credits.

How to buy on Steam with Maya

1. Download the Maya app on Google Play (Android)or the App Store (iOS)

2. Load up your Maya account (Read: How to load up your Maya account)

3. Visit the Steam Store and click “Add to Cart”.

4. Click “Purchase for myself” or “Purchase as a gift.

5. Fill in the Payment Info with your Maya details> Continue > Purchase!

(Note: Details below are examples only)

Your Payment Method: Visa

Card Number: 16 digit number that starts with 4

Expiration Date: Valid Thru Number represented by month/year

Security Code: 3 digit CVV 2 number

Important Reminder:  Buying in-game items from the Community Steam Market has certain restrictions when you change your payment method. Note that buying games directly from the Steam Store is different from buying items on the Community Steam Market.

Buy Php1:1 Steam Credit! Download Maya here:

PayMaya_Android PayMaya_iOS-1

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