How to pay your Meralco bill with Maya |

Skip the lines! Start paying your Meralco bill in just a tap. No need to enroll your biller. Just make sure you’ve loaded up your Maya account (Read: How to load up your Maya). Then proceed to the following steps:


Step 1: Login to Maya -> Go to Pay Bills tab.

Step 2: Choose Meralco, and tap “Done”.

Step 3: Enter the required fields (Meralco Reference Number and amount). 

Your Meralco Reference Number can be found at the bottom of your Meralco bill.

Step 4: Tap ‘Pay’.

Step 5: You’ll see your payment receipt once your payment is successful.

Step 6: You can view the status of your Payment in the Activity List. 

Step 7: Payment has been completed when the status says “The amount has been posted to the Biller.”

*Other billers are also available for payment using Maya.

Pay your Meralco bills in just a few taps. Download Maya here:

PayMaya_Android PayMaya_iOS-1

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