8 Things To Remember Before Withdrawing Money From Maya

You asked, and we answered. Read on to learn all you need to know about withdrawing from your Maya account!


#1  Your account needs to be upgraded to withdraw from Maya via ATM.

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After you sign up for a Maya account via app or via Messenger, you can already add money to your account to buy load, pay bills, and purchase stuff online with your in-app virtual card.

However, upgraded accounts enjoy additional benefits, such as an increased account limit (from P50,000 to P100,000), the ability to send money for free to other Maya users, and of course, the ability to withdraw money from an ATM.


#2  You can finish upgrading your account one of two ways: online or in person at a Bayad Center branch.

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Upgrading your account is a four-step process:

a. Tap the Menu icon (top left of Android screen) or More (bottom right of iOS screen) on your Maya app, then tap Upgrade for Free.

b. Fill out the upgrade application form and take photos of 1 primary ID and 2 secondary IDs.

c. Wait for your upgrade validation code via SMS.

d. Contact us on Messenger @MayaCares to schedule your KYC video call with one of our representatives. Learn more about the KYC call here.

If you don’t want to do a video call, you can always finish the process by heading to participating Bayad Center branches as the fourth step!

All you need to do is fill out the same upgrade application form (for those 18 years old and up) with the upgrade validation code you received by SMS. Present the filled out form and one valid ID at your preferred branch.

If you’re below 18 years old, have your parents or guardian fill out this minors’ consent form instead of the normal upgrade application form. Present the accomplished form and two valid IDs (yours and another from your parent/guardian) at the Bayad Center branch.

For more inquiries, please call (63 2) 2263000.

UPDATE (As of August 7, 2018):

If you have the latest version of the Maya app and have a device running on Android Kitkat or iOS 9 – 11, you can also hold your KYC Call with our Upgrade Officers within your Maya app anytime!

Start the process by tapping Upgrade for Free, provide all the necessary details and ID photos, and tap Start Video Call.


#3   Upgrading your account is free.

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And it always will be.

If you encounter any suspicious request or if asked to pay a fee for account upgrading, call us at (632) 845-7788, toll free at 1-800-1-0845-7788, or  dial *778 using your Smart mobile phone.

 #4   Maya representatives will never ask for your account password during a KYC call.

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All the requirements for upgrading your Maya account have been listed in #2.

If any party claims to be part of the upgrading process asks for more money, your account password or card details, please notify us immediately via the above hotlines or on social media.


#5  You can only withdraw from your account using a physical Maya Visa EMV or Visa payWave card.

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Needless to say, you need to have a physical Maya card when withdrawing from an ATM! Your virtual Maya card doesn’t count.

If you don’t yet have a physical card, head over to the store on our official website anytime to purchase one! Avoid purchasing cards from unverified third party sites or shops to avoid fake cards!

If you lose a physical card along the way, you can block it and make it unusable at any ATM by tapping the Menu icon (top left of Android screen) or More (bottom right of iOS screen) on your Maya app, tapping My Cards, selecting the lost card (identifiable by the card number), and tapping Block Card.


#6  Once upgraded, you can withdraw from Maya at any BancNet ATM.

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Just look for the BancNet label on the ATM and you can withdraw with your card as you would from any other bank account.

Note that ATM withdrawal fees vary per bank. For instance, Landbank ATMs charge an immediate P5 per transaction, while BDO, BPI and other banks charge P15.


#7  You use a 6-digit PIN number to withdraw from a Maya account.

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We can’t stress this enough – it’s the source of most errors that users encounter when trying to withdraw from their Maya account.

Your 6-digit PIN is set the first time you link a Maya card to your app, so it’s understandable if you forget it along the way! If you link multiple physical cards to your app, your PIN remains the same no matter which card you use to withdraw.

Luckily, you can reset it whenever you want by tapping the Menu icon (top left of Android screen) or More (bottom right of iOS screen) on your Maya app, tapping My Cards, selecting one of your VISA cards, and tapping Reset PIN.


#8  If you encounter an error while withdrawing from an ATM, you can try:

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  • Checking to see if your account is upgraded (See numbers #1 and #2 above).
  • Resetting your PIN number (See number #7 above).
  • Contacting @MayaCares on Facebook.
  • Calling us at (632) 845-7788, toll free at 1-800-1-0845-7788, or dial *778 using your Smart mobile phone.

Got more questions? Shoot us a PM, DM, or tweet @MayaOfficial on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

No Maya yet? Download the free app here:



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