5 Beginner-Friendly Ways To Achieve #FeedGoals on IG

When it comes to Instagram, you can’t leave anything style-related to chance.

The ideal solution is to have a go-to photo editing app, but there are so many on the market that it’s become more difficult than ever to choose.

Our tip? Pick one with a special function that you really like, especially if it produces the same effect as your #feedgoals.

We’ve listed a few apps you might like that will give you the ‘Gram feed of your dreams with just a few taps!


#1  Cop your favorite photographer’s aesthetic

Standing out on IG is easy if you’re a photographer by trade. For the rest of us, not so much… until now.

Photo courtesy of the iTunes Store


                                                             PHP 149

                                                         Available on iOS

Priime has the basic editing tools needed to polish your raw photos (crop, contrast, etc.), but its filters are what really make it shine.


Each filter has been created in collaboration with popular photographer “authors”, lovingly crafted to mimic their distinct aesthetic. Copping their style is officially as easy as slapping a filter over your photo!

Photo courtesy of Priime

If you don’t have a clue where to start, Priime’s “Smart Suggestions” function even recommends the best filters to use based on the type of photo you’re trying to edit.


#2  Smooth out the details of every shot

The issue with most commercial editing apps is that you’re limited to editing the very basic details of a photograph, such as its brightness, exposure, sharpness.

Editing finer details or just a portion of the photo has to wait until you get access to Photoshop.

Photo courtesy of the iTunes Store



                                                    Available on iOSAndroid

Snapseed solves that problem with its “Control Point” technology, which allows you to target up to eight points on your image at a time and assign different edits to each!


Blur this corner? Heighten the sharpness on your subject’s face? Brighten the color of the sky? The possibilities are endless!


#3  Add a personal touch to every IG Story

Stories aren’t strictly part of your feed, but they do contribute to your IG presence and give your followers and friends a glimpse into your everyday life.

That’s enough reason to give each story a little something special.

Photo courtesy of the iTunes Store

                                         Unfold – Create Stories


                                           Available on iOSAndroid

Give your next trip or major life event a postcard-perfect story through text, frames, or special effects with Unfold! Edit your raw photos within the app and upload them to IG later.

Photo courtesy of Unfold

You can even play around with the Unfold’s story templates and tools to create your signature story look!


#4  Create and upload prettier GIFs

Thousands of people already use Boomerang, Instagram’s own video app, to create fun mini-videos they can later upload to the platform.

Don’t get us wrong—it works great, but you’re stuck with the lighting and your phone camera’s base video settings and are not able to edit your video at all.

Luckily, VSCO’s just found a solution to that.

Photo courtesy of the iTunes Store



                                          Available on iOSAndroid

If you’re not yet familiar with the app, VSCO is an editing app that people use to edit photos and plan your ‘Gram feed. During their last update, they added DSCO, a new feature that’s essentially a GIF maker with built-in VSCO filters.


From the VSCO camera screen, tap DSCO under the main button and take a video like you would on Boomerang.

Once you’re done, tap the arrow in the top right corner to move to the edit screen and swipe until you find a filter you like! Instant story upgrade right there.


#5  Add a bit of life to your photos, Harry Potter-style

Can’t decide between taking a photo or a Boomerang? Take the middle ground and upload an animated photo to your feed!

Photo courtesy of the iTunes Store

                                                Cinemagraph Pro


                                                  Available on iOS

Cinemagraph Pro is an app that allows you to record videos and select which parts of the frame you want to animate.


Done right, it’s a chance to add a little bit of #ahrt to your photos.

Hope these apps have got you off to a great start on your journey to your dream feed!  Play around with apps and work on your style, but don’t forget to keep it fun and very you.

#NowYouCan purchase the apps you want on the App Store and Google Play with Maya! Just load your account, choose your app, and pay like you would with a normal debit card!

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