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Craft beers are like cocktails: You need to know your stuff before heading to the bar. Since Oktoberfest is here, you better brush up quick on the finest local craft beers and where to get them.

Here are some of the most notable craft beers in the local bar scene—arranged helpfully by alcohol content per bottle or ABV. Cheers!


Gusi Violet Ale by Cerveza Sagada

Rich and earthy, with fruity undertones and a sweet smell

4.2% ABV

Photo courtesy of DrinkManila

Cerveza Sagada uses a native black rice called balitinao, which results in a unique violet-colored beer.


Sierra Madre Wheat Pale Ale by Joe’s Brew

Sweet floral and fruity notes with a slight bitter undertaste

4.3% ABV

With its low alcohol content and citrus base, this brew is great for ladies’ night or newbies to the craft beers scene.


Oatmeal Coffee Stout by Sikatuna Craft Brewery

Smoky, with strong hints of coffee and chocolate

4.7% ABV

Now you don’t have to choose between having another beer or leaving for coffee. The typical “roasted” flavor of a stout pairs well with the satisfying taste of bitter coffee.


Indo Pale Ale by Katipunan Craft Ales

Classic malt taste with citrus notes and a bitter finish

4.8% ABV

This was one of the company’s first brews on tap, one of the first true Filipino craft beers, and has definitely reached iconic status.


Liberation Pale Ale by Craftpoint Brewing Co.

A Belgian pale ale with sweet aroma and bitter finish

5.5% ABV

The Liberation is what started it all for Craftpoint. This is a great intro for a beginner into the world of craft beer and pale ale, and is a good pair with everything from steak to sisig.


Palaw’an Honey Kolsch by Palaweño Brewery

Light, crisp flavor mixed with rich honey notes

6.5% ABV

Owner Ayah Javier calls this their “tribal beer”, and is made with native Palawan honey.

It takes inspiration from foreign beers—in this case, the German variety, but is made purely with locally sourced ingredients.

Far Far Away Galaxy New England IPA by Elias Wicked Ales and Spirits

Fruity guava, mango, grapefruit, and pineapple notes mixed with the bitterness of hops

7% ABV

This is a brew you’ll return to over and over again for its taste. It’s become so famous, the brewery’s even had shirts made for fans to buy.


Endless Summer Wheat Ale by Pedro Brewcrafters

Crisp, sweet flavor with a slight fizz and nutty aftertaste

7% ABV

Photo courtesy of When In Manila

True to its name, this brew definitely screams summer. It was brewed just in time for October 2015 and has remained a staple on many bar boards ever since.


De Puta Madre by Crows Craft Brewery and Distilling Co.

A double IPA with Intense malt tones

8% ABV

Fun fact: The name originated from the Spanish phrase that loosely translates to “the bomb” or “this is sick,” a high compliment for something that’s the best there is.

Its stronger formula and flavor makes makes it an acquired taste, but perfect for hopheads.


Double IPA by Engkanto Brewery

Strong and bitter with fragrant, fruity notes

8.5% ABV

This is one of the strongest local craft beers, but with a full-bodied flavor that pairs well with grilled meat and savoury dishes. Just watch how many you have!

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