Netflix Shows & Movies To Give Chills This Halloween Season

While it may be frightening to watch horror movies about zombies and Hollywood monsters, the ones that don’t let you sleep are those that could happen to anyone – even you.

Will you be able to turn off the lights after watching our top Halloween picks from the Netflix Philippines catalog?


#1  American Horror Story: Murder House (2011), TV Series

Scare Factor: The beautiful new house you’ve moved into turns out to have really dark secrets.

This is the series that kicked off the entire American Horror Story franchise.

It may have premiered in 2011, but two of its episodes still have pride of place on Variety’s list of 10 Best (and scariest) American Horror Story Episodes.


#2  Hush (2016), Movie

Scare Factor: You get a photo of yourself as you are now, taken from your own phone. It’s late, and you’re alone in the house.



This movie taps into both two very human fears: the fear of dark, unexplored places like the woods, and the fear of being alone.

Add in a shady character lurking outside the house plus the main character’s being both deaf and mute, and you’ve got a new level of horror going on.


#3  The Haunting of Hill House (Release Date October 12, 2018), Netflix Original Series

Scare Factor: Horrible and frightening things happened to you in your haunted childhood home. Now you’re forced to confront them.



This one goes out to anyone who ever grew up in a creepy house. Bet you still haven’t got it as bad as these kids.

Not only is this a series adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s famous horror novel, but it’s got a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes despite not having premiered yet (the pilot is set to drop on Netflix this October 12).

All in all, definitely a must-see!


#4: The Invitation (2016), Movie

Scare Factor: An old acquaintance invites you to catch up at their upcoming dinner party, but something feels weird.



Free food at a classy dinner party? At some point you just have to ask, “what’s the catch?”.

The Invitation is less horror than a thriller-suspense film, but you’ll be kept on the edge of your seat (and wide awake) anyway.


#5: Creep (2015), Movie

Scare Factor: You go on a solo freelance video gig in the mountains, and your client is acting in very unsettling ways.



Being a freelancer is great – more control over your time, a wider range of creative experience – until you get a client that’s absolutely whacko.

The fact that the movie plays on the current freelance culture makes it even scarier.

Note to all the freelancers out there: do a background check, don’t go alone, and always, always, tell a family member where you’re going.

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