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OFW kids deal with a lot—going grocery shopping for the house, paying the monthly bills— that’s on top of being away from family.

But sometimes it’s good to look at the lighter side of the situation and just laugh about their problems. Which of these can you relate to?

#1  Having to send daily updates on your life, your family, school, etc.

Thank god for FB, Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, and other platforms – you get to talk to your mom and dad in ways that are faster and more instant than email.

Or not, if they’re the type to chat non-stop or video call like clockwork. And that’s on a normal day.


Just imagine having your first “relationship talk” over Skype.


#2  (Over) shopping for yourself


Learning to successfully budget your own money is a process. It’s cool if you mess up once in a while.

Do better in the future, and it’s cool.

But this month, instant noodles.




#3  Gotta (side) hustle


We get it – sometimes money gets tight. If you have time and a bit of money set aside, it just makes sense to earn a little money on the side to supplement the monthly budget from abroad.

Even if it’s just buy-and-sell. #LikeABoss vibes all the way!


#4  Being pseudo-nanay or tatay to your younger siblings

On one hand, it’s great to have someone together with you at home.

On the other, you slowly begin to realize that you’re slowly turning into your parents.




Not just reminding their baon from the kitchen table or put their shoes away, either. You’re asking about their day, enforcing curfew, even spouting dad’s old catch phrases.




The moment you begin texting “Late na. Asan ka? Uwi ka na.”, there’s no denying it anymore.


#5  Balikbayan boxes = Christmas came early

These don’t arrive at set intervals (apart from birthdays and stuff), but it feels great when they come anyway.

Chocolates, souvenirs from other countries, and branded goods, oh my!





#6  Waiting your parents’ remittances every month

#ThatFeelingWhen nasagad mo na yung budget mo and you have to wait for your monthly remittance.





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