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Wouldn’t it be nice if sending money was as quick and easy as chatting on Facebook Messenger? We’re thrilled to announce that this convenience is now at your fingertips with Maya on Messenger!

Aside from sending money, Maya on Messenger lets you pay utility bills, buy mobile load for less, and check your Maya balance without leaving the Messenger app. But first, here’s what you need to know:

  • For now, it’s only available in Android devices. We hear you, Apple users. Stay tuned!
  • Make sure your Messenger app is up to date. Search for the Messenger app on Google Play to see if it asks you to update your app or if you’re now using the latest one.
  • Yes, you can create a Maya account on Messenger. It has never been easier, friends! Like in the Maya app, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Smart, Sun, TnT, or Globe subscriber.
  • Yes, your Maya account is safe on Messenger. Every transaction will ask for your Facebook password so please keep yours safe and secure. You can also trust that your funds and financial transactions are handled and kept safely in Maya.

Let’s get started!

Here’s a rundown of what you can accomplish through Maya on Messenger. Click on each item to open a step-by-step guide. 

How To Buy Mobile Load via Messenger 

How To Pay Bills via Messenger 

How To Send Money via Messenger 

With these functions now in the Messenger app, would you still need your Maya app? YES, absolutely! You can only do the following through the Maya app:

  • View your 16-digit Visa or Smart Mastercard number
  • Link a Maya physical card
  • Set a PIN for your Maya physical card
  • Pay merchants via QR code through Scan-To-Pay
  • Block a Maya card

Maya on Messenger makes it increasingly accessible to transfer funds as you chat with family and friends. Before Maya, sending money and paying for bills meant having to go to a bank, a bills payment or remittance center, or to meet with your friend personally to hand in money. Now you don’t even have to switch apps to pay and receive payments through your smartphone. Excited to try Maya on your Messenger app yet? Read on: How to Send Money via Maya on Messenger.


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