5 Ways to Prepare for your Christmas Gifts as Early as Now

With the excitement that every passing "-ber" month brings, you surely can’t help but think about the amount of Christmas shopping you need to do! You’re probably worried about how you’ll make time for shopping when you are swamped with all your work and personal responsibilities. 

Don’t worry, we got you covered! You can avoid the holiday rush and prepare your gift-shopping like a pro with these helpful tips. 

#1 Prepare your Christmas gift list

Plate of different candies and a paper with Gift List title text and a white tablet aside

Whether it’s your first year to give Christmas gifts or not, it’s always a good idea to prepare a Christmas gift list. You need to list down the people you’re planning to buy gifts for, what items you’ll give them, and how much your budget will be. Preparing it early will keep you on track and (hopefully) keep you from forgetting someone important. 

#2 Make room for changes

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One advantage of preparing your Christmas list early is having room for unexpected adjustments. Always have a ‘Plan B’ just in case some gifts are unavailable or out of your budget. This way, you won’t cram to look for gift replacements. Just like they say, it really pays to be prepared! 

#3 Plot your buying schedule

A calendar with pin attached with pencil beside in green wooden surface

If you could check off a few items on your list ahead of the busy Christmas season, that would surely make your life easier! Assess the timing of when you’ll have extra money to set aside for gift buying and then determine which gifts you can get. Before you know it, you’ll be crossing off items one by one. 

#4 Take advantage of sales to get discounts

Different colors of clothes inside store

While it’s a given that you’ll be spending on Christmas gifts, it’s not too bad to save a bit. So make sure to take advantage of sales whether in-store or online.  

#5 Save time when you shop online

Lady holding mobile phone tapping Online shopping order now inside clothes store

If you’re too busy to spare time for gift buying, online shopping sites will be your best friend! You can do the shopping in between your daily routine just by using your phone. 

Aside from the accessibility it offers, shopping online comes with even more perks if you only know where to look. Don’t worry! We’re spilling the tea. *wink* 

Enjoy up to 100% cashback when you shop online from September 10 to 24 using Maya! Just make sure to upgrade your account (for more chances of hitting that 100% cashback) and spend a minimum of P2,000. Isn’t that amazing?   

With these five helpful tips, you can say goodbye to spending so much time in traffic to get to the mall and trying to find nice gifts alongside everyone else! Avoid the Christmas rush and enjoy up to P2,000 cashback with Maya. 

For details on this amazing deal and more, visit maya.ph/deals. 

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