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A brand new semester calls for new school supplies! It’s time to replace old and worn-out items from the last sem for a fresh start!

Here are some of the necessary items you need to add to your to-buy checklist this month:


#1  Index cards

Aside from filling these out with personal information for the professor’s reference, index cards can also be used for making handy reviewers or cue cards for presentations.

They come in different colors and sizes to suit different needs or to help you organize according to different subjects! 


#2  Highlighter

Some people need more than one color of highlighter to color-code their notes. It is also used in marking important information from your reference book.

You can choose among Stabilo’s many shades of neon or pastel!


#3  Calculator

If calculators were not allowed in elementary and high school, it will be your best friend in college especially if you have subjects that deal with computations and formulas.


#4  Mini stapler

 This is a very important tool that comes in handy especially if you always have photocopies of reference materials.

It also helps keeping small papers organized and intact so you won’t lose them.


#5  Planner

It is important to organize your schedule and take note of your classes, org meetings, deadlines, and events you’re required to attend.

Mark the dates and plan ahead so that you wouldn’t miss anything!


#6  Sticky notes

For reminders, short notes, page markers and other details that need your attention, choose the bright neon sticky notes.

You can stick them anywhere such as in your notebooks, on your books, on the desk, on your computer screen, even on the fridge!


#7  Pens

 There are different types of pens and inks. Choose the ones which inspire you to write more or those that are compatible with your notebooks.


#8  Binder notebooks

To avoid bulky bags, some students prefer to have a binder notebook where the space is divided into 10 thin fillers.

You just have to dedicate one for each subject, and when you have consumed all of it, you can easily replace it with a new set. Prepare to have extra fillers, just in case!


#9  Bond paper

Depending on the need, you should have different sizes of bond papers such as letter, legal, and A4 sizes.

You might be required to print or photocopy something and it’s best to be prepared.


#10  Yellow pad

 White intermediate pad papers were a must-have in high school or even elementary school. In college, the long yellow pad is the thing to use for those pop quizzes and essays. Make sure to bring extra sheets for your classmates! 

 These are just some of the school supply essentials you can buy in bulk online or from your favorite bookstore. Also check your course syllabus to see if there are specific items per subject that you would need for the next few months.

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