Maya Promo Roundup: November 1 to 7, 2018 |

It’s NEWvember and we’ve got a new set of promos and discounts in store for you! Christmas is just around the corner, so before we go deep into the season of celebration, now’s a great time to tighten our belts and save up!

If you’re looking for effortless ways to save a few pesos, you’ve come to the right place. Here are all of the deals you can take advantage of using your Maya from November 1 to 7, 2018. 

When sending money to your family and friends:

Send money via Maya and get a 50% cashback, up to P50!

A man and lady sitting beside each other holding and facing phone with send money icons floating between them

Whether you’re sending your siblings’ allowance or pitching for the restaurant bill, you can save up to P50 with our new 50% cashback promo when you send money via Maya until November 6, 2018!

PROMO TIP: Send at least P100 to get the maximum cashback of P50. Note that your Maya account needs to be upgraded to be able to send money! 

When buying load:

Get a 100% cashback when you buy prepaid load or data via Maya!

A man wearing gray stripe polo t-shirt happy holding and facing the phone with an app icons floating around

Enjoy a 100% cashback, maximum of P50, on top of the discounts on prepaid load and mobile data in the Maya in-app Shop!

PROMO TIP: Make the most out of the 100% load cashback promo and buy at least P50 worth of prepaid load or data to get the maximum cashback of P50.

When shopping or dining out:

#ScanToPay at any Maya QR merchant and get a 30% cashback, maximum of P200!

A lady in gray sweater happy facing in front holding phone

We have over 500 Maya QR partners nationwide, including restaurants, department stores, and groceries. If you’re short on cash and want an easier way to pay, just open your Maya app and scan to pay! 

We’re even giving a 30% cashback (maximum of P200) on your first QR transaction from November 1 to 7, 2018. Yes, you can scan to pay even with a non-upgraded account.

PROMO TIP: There’s no minimum purchase requirement for this promo. But if you want to get the maximum cashback of P200, scan to pay for items worth P700 and up! 

When shopping for beauty products:

Get 10% OFF and a FREE Percy and Reed Divine Shine Shampoo when you shop at Sephora and pay with your Maya! Use code 10PAYMAYA.

A lady happy facing to the right with sephora brand beside

Shopping for your skincare and makeup must-haves at Sephora using Maya just got more rewarding! Use the promo code 10PAYMAYA and get 10% OFF your beauty haul plus a freebie

When booking a hotel stay:

Get a 10% cashback when you book at and pay with Maya!

An sky blue car floating in the middle of ocean with a surfboard, guitar, suitcase and many more placed on top has sweet deals in well-loved travel destinations such as Palawan, Boracay,  Hong Kong, and Singapore! Pay using Maya at and enjoy 10% OFF your hotel stay

Book 2 nights at ZEN Rooms using Maya and get one night FREE!

Lady in white t-shirt happy facing in front holding phone and wearing bag, camera with hanger

If you’re planning your next long weekend getaway, this promo is for you! Book at least 2 nights at ZEN Rooms using Maya and get one night’s stay for FREE! Just use the promo code: 2PLUS1, valid until the end of November 2018. 

 Stay posted @mayaiseverything on Facebook and Instagram for more promos, tips, and updates!

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