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Life is busier in this fast-paced world. From managing endless work deliverables to maintaining a proper diet, the struggles we need to deal with every day never stops. It’s no wonder that our busy lifestyle often leads to neglecting our simple needs and lesser time to take care of ourselves.

If you’re currently struggling to take care of yourself, here are some self-care tips that will help you get back on track:

Set a sleep curfew

Lady in white t-shirt sleeping on the bed

As we get older, we slowly realize that one of the luxuries in life is having enough hours of sleep daily. Completing seven to eight hours of rest brings more energy to the body so you can accomplish tasks effectively and efficiently.

Instead of binge-watching your favorite shows and scrolling on your news feed, set a specific hour when it’s time to prioritize sleep to give your body a break and allow it to reboot!


Opt for healthy but yummy food choices

A plate of vegetables and meat on the table with forks

More often than not, students’ and yuppies’ diet lean toward unhealthy options such as processed meals and junk food.

If you can’t prepare your meals daily, next best option is to explore restaurants and stores that offer healthy food choices including fruits and vegetables.

Sacrificing your love for fast-food or sinful sweets in order to maintain a balanced diet can really help in preventing future diet-related illness. Health is wealth!


Choose a workout and do it regularly

Lady in black sando inside gym building doing crunches with the assist of a man on a gray t-shirt holding her both feet

Regular exercise makes for a healthy mind and body. It doesn’t only produce happy hormones or help you lose excess weight, it may even make you live longer.

Whether it’s jogging at the park or weightlifting in the gym, set aside your excuses and allot time for workout. Good things come to those who sweat!

Keep in touch with friends and family

Two ladies and a teenage girl happy chatting

In this day and age where we social media plays a big role in communication, we get used to updating our family and friends through status updates and curated photos. It’s fun to be social, and nothing beats quality time with your trusted support system.

Enjoy a night out with friends or savor a good lunch spread with family. The best times are found when family and friends are around!


Simplify your payment routines

Lady in gray long sleeve sitting on a chair inside office smiling facing and holding the phone

Adulting means commitment to scheduled payments for electricity bills, rental fees and many more. Since you need to hustle everyday, it’s usually a challenge to pay dues on time.

It’s mentally draining when you need to carry cash and deal with the long lines at payment centers just to settle bills or fees.

Worry no more! Maya makes paying for your household and personal bills so much easier. Just the download the Maya on Android and iOS, add money to your account through more than 20,000 Add Money terminals nationwide, and pay your bills within the app.

You can even use your Maya app to send money to friends or family members, pay by scanning QR codes at participating center, buy discounted prepaid load, or use the in-app virtual card for online shopping!

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