Maya Tipid Tips: Shopper’s Guide to Sticking to a Budget

It’s hard to budget. But it’s even harder to stick to one when you’re out shopping and there’s something you’d love to get wherever you look! We get you, it’s temptations everywhere!

So before you go on your next shopping adventure, we’re giving you four tips on how to tough it out and religiously stick to your budget.

#1 Leave your credit card at home

Lady in red sweater holding a card

Yes, you read that right! This is the cardinal rule in order to stick to your budget when you go shopping. It’s simple, if you have a credit card, you can easily swipe it in case you spot something you like (which is not on your original shopping list)!

So, keep those credit cards tucked at home and stay away from temptation! You’ll thanks us later.

#2 Prepare a shopping list

Lady in bed holding a glass of water and writing on a paper with mobile phone and bread in plate besideMake a list of all the things you need to buy during that specific shopping trip. When it comes to lists, you just have to remember two things. First, don’t buy what’s not on it, and second, don’t add more things on the list while you’re shopping!

Take note, emphasis on the word NEED! If you still have a bag that works perfectly fine, you don’t need another one just yet. So keep it off your list and just save it for your next shopping trips!

#3 Allot a budget for each item

Man using both mobile phone and calculator in the table in front of a laptop

Now that you have an overall budget, you also need to determine how much you’re willing to pay for each item on your list.

This way, you’ll have to choose items in reasonable prices, so you can buy all the things on your list without going over your budget.

#4 Just bring what you need

Man counting coins in the table

It’s advisable to just bring exact money when you go shopping. Without a credit card on hand (because you left it at home, remember?), having the exact budget on your hands makes it easier to shop wisely.

Here’s a trick, you can easily add the exact amount of your budget to your Maya before you start shopping. Aside from having just the exact amount in your palm, using Maya in your transactions makes it easier to track all your spending.

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