Why Taiwan’s a Must-Visit for Filipino Solo Travelers

It’s true! Time flew by so fast and there are only a few days left before we welcome a new decade! This means that you’ve got very little time left to complete your 2019 bucket-list.   

If one of your goals is to travel solo abroad this year, don’t lose hope because you still have enough time to achieve it by flying to Taiwan. Believe it or not, Taiwan is one of the easiest countries for Filipino solo travelers to visit. If you’re still unconvinced, here’s a list of four reasons why:  

#1 It’s visa-free for Filipinos

A passport, camera, seven five hundred peso bills and laptop

You don’t need to apply for a visa when you visit Taiwan. This means that you can just book your flight and accommodation using Maya, then proceed on planning your itinerary without worrying about filing for documents. Who doesn’t love a hassle-free start to a trip, right?  

#2 Big budget isn’t necessary

One less thing to worry about when visiting Taipei is your budget. Depending on your itinerary, your taste on food, and your fondness of shopping, a pocket money between P10,000 to P20,000 can last you a maximum of a five-day trip.  

If things go out of plan and you go over your budget, make sure that you have your Maya card with you. You can use it to withdraw cash or pay in card-accepting stores in Taiwan. 

#3 People are friendly and helpful

Solo travelling means you don’t have travel buddies to rely on but you don’t need to worry because the locals you’ll meet in Taiwan are likely to give you assistance. Some of them can’t speak fluently in English but they’re nice enough to help you out using hand gestures.  

#4 DIY-friendly transportation system  

With Taiwan’s efficient transport system, it’s easier to roam around and navigate the city even if you’re on your own! As soon as you land, you can hop on the express airport train which will take into the heart of Taipei, a perfect jump-off point to your adventure!

Not only are their trains wonderful, it’s also easy to find bus stops and bus schedules as they’re readily available on the internet. Just what you need to avoid missing your ride! Just remember to get a Taipei Metro card before riding your first train. This will be very handy as it is accepted in trains, buses, and even convenience stores. 


Are you now ready to go on your first solo trip? Book your flights, accommodations, and tours to Taiwan using your Maya virtual and physical card to enjoy amazing deals! 

Get discounts or rewards if you do any of the following using your Maya physical or virtual card: 

  • Spend a minimum of P500 when you shop for your travel essentials  
  • Spend an accumulated amount of P5,000 when you book your plane tickets  
  • Book your accommodations at www.agoda.com/Maya 

Basta travel plans, don’t pay cash. Maya! For more details on our amazing offers, visit www.Maya.com/deals 

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