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It isn’t just the start of a new year but also of a new decade. Since it’s such a remarkable year, instead of making a mental list of the things you want to change in your personality and lifestyle, why not plot things you want to achieve this year?

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To help you out, here are 20 things you can include in your 2020 must-do list!

#1 Prioritize your well-being 

Start the year right by prioritizing yourself. Let go of things and relationships that stress you out and choose your own happiness first.   

#2 Get enough sleep

Make sure to get those precious eight hours of sleep every night so you can be at your best every day.  

#3 Drink 8 glasses of water

Get your own reusable tumbler so you can keep yourself hydrated all day. 

#4 Limit your screen time

Let your eyes rest and be mindful of the time you're spending on your gadgets.

#5 Sleep and wake up earlier

Set both your sleep and wake-up alarms and make it a habit. Starting your day early gives you more time to finish lots of tasks.

#6 Learn how to cook

Looking for a new skill to learn this 2020? Put those kitchen appliances you won during holiday parties to good use!

#7 Try something you've always wanted to do

There’s no better time to try new things than now! Set aside your inhibitions and work towards finally doing things you’ve been wanting to try.

#8 Have a weekly or monthly budget

Set a budget for your expenses and try your hardest not to spend beyond the allotted amount. When you use Maya for your transactions, you can easily track all your expenses via the app homepage. 

#9 Practice random acts of kindness 

Showing kindness doesn’t need to be complicated, you can simply pay for someone else’s coffee or help kids cross the street.

#10 Call your family more often

Keep your phone loaded via Maya so you can easily call your loved ones anytime, anywhere. 

#11 Say "thank you" more

Just like they say, giving gratitude is free, so why not give it generously?

#12 Plan your online expenses

Schedule your online shopping on sale days so you can save when buying your wants and needs. You can also use your Maya virtual and physical card to get more rewards on top of the sale prices!

#13 Pay bills on time

Lining up to pay for your bills is so last decade. This 2020, pay for your bills on time and hassle-free via Maya. 

#14 Avoid single-use plastics

Be conscious of the environmental effects of your shopping choices. For example, instead of buying shampoo and conditioner in sachets, replace them with shampoo and conditioner bars.  

#15 Travel somewhere you haven't been before

Booking a flight to a new city or country is easy without a credit card because you have your Maya card! 

#16 Reach out to old friends

Call your old friends and catch up over meals. If you want to save on your food, #ScanToPay with Maya at any of our partner merchants to get up to 100% cashback.  

#17 Volunteer or donate to a cause

Help in your own way this 2020. If you want to donate to organizations like UNICEF and World Vision, you can directly do that through Maya’s pay bills feature. 

#18 Start paying for insurance 

If you still don’t have an insurance, 2020 might be the perfect time to finally get one. You don’t need to worry about having one more bill to line up for when paying because some insurance providers can be paid through Maya.

#19 Stick to a savings goal

In order to actually save, you need consistency and determination. Start by cutting down your expenses and committing to saving a certain amount every week.  

#20 As much as you can, don't pay cash–Maya! 

This 2020, jump into the hassle-free and rewarding cashless lifestyle! Why pay cash when you can save time, money, and enjoy awesome rewards when you use your Maya? 

You have 366 days to achieve these things in 2020! What other activities are you planning to do this year? Let us know your thoughts! 

Have a happy new year! 

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