Spotify’s ‘2017 Wrapped’ Reveals Our Guilty Pleasure Songs

Are you curious about what your officemate always bops his head to when he’s wearing headphones at work? Spotify’s new feature for the end of the year might just have the answer! 

Spotify released 2017 Wrapped, which uses listening data to generate your music summary for the year: the artists you listened to the most, the songs you put on repeat, even the number of times you skipped songs you didn’t like!

Here’s how you can find your listening summary for 2017:


Go to the 2017 Wrapped website and connect your Spotify account.


It will take you through a series of questions to find out if you know which artists and songs you were listening to.


It also shows you what genre you listened to the most, and if you’re a Spotify Premium user, it shows how many times you skipped a song.


The site also recommends playlists to listen to – like this one, which puts together songs you might have missed during the year. “Don’t let the good ones get away,” it says. (You really shouldn’t!)


At the end, the site will produce a nifty little infographic that you can share on your social media accounts. Don’t be embarrassed, we all have a guilty pleasure song!


Check out your friends’ 2017 Wrapped and find out once and for all what your officemate has been listening to all this time.


It’s easy to subscribe to Spotify Premium using Maya! Visit the Spotify website until December 31, 2017 to get three months of Spotify Premium for just P9!

No Maya yet? Download the free app here:


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