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When word of a new Star Wars film starts circulating, the true followers of the Force emerge. You might not be so familiar with the galaxy-far-far-away yourself, so let us give you an easy list of gift ideas that’ll both impress and warm the cold imperial heart of your stormtrooper fanatic.

*All prices as of December 10, 2017.

Blades and Blasters

Young Padawans must choose their weapons carefully. Pick up a toy lightsaber in blue or green for your little Jedi, or a more menacing red for fans of the Sith. If hokey religions and ancient weapons don’t suit your intended recipient, a good blaster is your best pick.

                                        Photo courtesy of Lazada

                Rey’s Blue Lightsaber (from The Force Awakens)
                                    P1,299.75 on Lazada


                                                   Photo courtesy of Lazada

              Luke Skywalker’s Green Lightsaber (from Return of the Jedi)
                                              P1,499.75 on Lazada


                                                         Photo courtesy of Lazada

               Kylo Ren’s Red Lightsaber (from The Force Awakens)
                                           P1,999.75 on Lazada


                                                  Photo courtesy of Lazada

                   Jyn Erso’s Deluxe Nerf Blaster (from Rogue One)
                                         P3,999.75 on Lazada


Figures and Fighters

Star Wars is behind some of the most iconic character and vehicle design in film. These items make excellent additions to any collector’s display case—they also look really cool.

                                                 Photo courtesy of Lazada

          The First Order Stormtrooper 20” Big Figures (from The Last Jedi)
                                                P1,999.75 on Lazada

Photo courtesy of Lazada

              Resistance X-Wing Fighter 1/72 Model (from The Force Awakens)
                                                P1,200 on Lazada


Photo courtesy of Lazada

    The Black Series 40th Anniversary Luke Skywalker (from A New Hope)
                                             P1,499.75 on Lazada


                                             Photo courtesy of Lazada

           U-Wing Fighter and TIE Striker 1/144 Model Set (from Rogue One)
                                                  P1,599.75 on Lazada


Tees and Accessories

Take a look at the newest clothing and bag lines for the current saga and you’ll find cool designs based on iconic locations and characters.

                                             Photo courtesy of Lazada

              BB-8 Graphic Tee for Teens (Boys) (from The Last Jedi)
                                               P279.82 on Lazada


                                              Photo courtesy of Lazada

    Stainless Steel Water Bottles Set of 2 (featuring Empire/The First Order)
                                               P599.50 on Lazada


                                             Photo courtesy of Lazada



First Order Galactic Bonnet (based on designs from The Force Awakens)

P2,339.00 on Lazada

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