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Having only a few hundred pesos to sustain you for the next few days; controlling the urge to buy food or go out because you’re short on cash; scouting the corners of your bags and pockets for loose change – do these sound familiar?


If the answer yes, you know what it means to go through a nightmare called “Petsa de Peligro”. For those fortunate enough not to encounter this situation, the term refers to the last few days before pay day wherein employees struggle to get by with their remaining cash.

In case you forgot to submit last month’s timekeeping record or overspent your sweldo, these friendly tips are for you!

 #1 Bring your baon


As people like to say, “Ang taong gipit, sa siomai rice kumakapit.” Kidding aside, controlling your food expenses is one of the best ways to survive Petsa de Peligro.

We’re not saying you should live on instant noodles and and other quick fixes.  If you can, cook and bring your own lunch to work. You can also explore affordable yet healthy options in the office cafeteria or around your building.

You’ll be surprised on how much you can save if you watch your food expenses!

 #2 Bring the exact amount to work


If you tend to spend mindlessly or if you admittedly lack self-control, you can limit yourself by bringing just the exact amount that you intend to spend for the day.

This forces you to stick to your budget or risk not having enough cash for the fare home!

 #3 Stay in during weekends


After all, home is where the free food and WiFi are. Perhaps it’s time to catch up on chores instead of going out. Stream a movie or read a book. You can also help your housemates cook or spend time with family and friends over games and snacks!

You don’t need to spend much to have fun.

 #4 Raket is life


While you’re being reminded of how finite money is, try to earn a bit more by utilizing your talents or skills. Whether you write, design, bake, teach, or take photos – sharing your talents will help you and also the people you’ll be sharing your service with.

This can be something you can consistently do, Petsa de Peligro or not!

 #5 Take advantage of online promos


To look at the bright side, challenges can sometimes force people to be resourceful. It’s time to bring out your expert-level skills in looking for Grab promos or Buy 1, Take 1 deals at your fave restaurants.

It pays to keep an eye on LazadaBeauty MNLBooky, or Honestbee for great deals and exclusive offers.

Don’t forget: You can pay online even without a credit card using Maya! Just download the app, add money to your account, and use your virtual Visa or Mastercard for online payments. 

 What are your Petsa de Peligro hacks? Share them with us by tagging @Mayaiseverything on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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