How To Access The Maya App Without Using Mobile Data

Once properly registered and upgraded, your Maya app is a useful all-around tool. You can use it to store extra pocket money, shop online with your in-app virtual card, send money instantly to friends and family, buy prepaid load, and pay your household bills digitally!

However, like most mobile apps, you would need a steady internet connection to use your account, which means buying mobile data or staying at your favorite coffee shop for WiFi whenever you need to use Maya away from home.

Not anymore! Smart, Sun, or TNT subscribers can now use their Maya app without using up your mobile data. The solution: the freenet app!

Freenet is a portal (basically, an app) where you can discover mobile apps and websites you can access without spending a single KB of mobile data. These include Facebook, Twitter (tweeting for free? Yes please!), Instagram, Lazada, Zalora, Philstar, MVP Rewards – and now, Maya.

Here’s how to get started:

#1 Download the Freenet app on iOS or Android.

Downloading it on the Google Play Store on App Store is completely free! You’re welcome.


#2 Register for an account and log into the app.

Use of the freenet app doesn’t require mobile data for Smart, Sun, and TNT Subscribers!

Or, if you have a mobile data phone plan, no charge will be registered for using freenet and the apps listed within the portal.

Just make sure your phone can receive a carrier signal, isn’t on iOS’ “Flight Mode”, and has the mobile data activated. You can avoid being charged by turning off all internet-capable background apps and browsers apart from freenet while mobile data is on!


#3 Tap Free Access on the menu bar at the bottom of the app.

This is how you check the sites and apps available for free browsing through freenet!

They’re divided into BankingShoppingNews, and Lifestyle tabs at the top of the screen for your convenience.


#4 Select Maya from the list of apps and sites.

You can find us under the Banking or All tab.


#5 Select the option you want to visit, then tap Proceed.

With freenet, you can opt to visit the Maya website – to buy a physical card, browse our FAQs, and learn about our latest promos –  or open the Maya app to send money, check your balance, and more!


Because sharing is caring, here are a few more neat things you can do with freenet besides access Maya and other apps for free:

  • Complete freenet’s list of Missions, RPG-style, to earn points. 

Photo courtesy of the Google Play Store

It’s a mix of everything from referring a friend and visiting an app (for free, so what’s the harm?), to completing your freenet profile.

  • Use your points to buy prepaid load and mobile data from Smart, TNT, Sun Cellular, and Globe.

Using the internet for free to buy load and browsing time for yourself sounds almost too good to be true. Lucky you!

Browse the Shop on the menu bar to check out your options. Crowd favorites like Smart’s All Out 50, TNT’s Unli Talk 50, and Globe’s GoSurf 50 are all there!

  • Use your points to buy Gaming PINs from Garena, Steam, Mobile Legends and LEVEL UP! Games

Gamers unite! You can just as easily use your points buy PINs for game packages like the P100 Steam wallet and the LVLUP50 load.

Questions? Send them to us @mayaiseverything or our partners at on Facebook!

No Maya yet? Download the free app here:


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