Bluetooth Accessories For Hands-Free Listening In Your Car

Most new vehicle infotainment systems come equipped with secure Bluetooth pairing. But if you drive an older car without a built-in Bluetooth device, there are ways for you to connect your smartphone for easy wireless listening that will get you through Manila traffic.

Take a look at your car’s head unit to figure out which Bluetooth solution will work best. We’ve shortlisted some of our favorites for each way of connecting.

 1. Pair through your 3.5mm aux port

Make use of the auxiliary-audio input (otherwise called the 3.5mm audio jack) for fast Bluetooth pairing and the highest quality sound for music and calls.

Anker SoundSync Drive, P3,302 from Lazada

Anker SoundSync Bluetooth Drive device

                                                        Photo courtesy of Lazada

This USB product is a Bluetooth 4.0 receiver, offering superb sound quality and a fast, secure connection to your smartphone.

It draws power from almost any kind of USB charger, like power banks or car chargers. The device’s aggressive noise cancellation means your voice will sound incredibly clear over phone calls.

All these features are easy to access, as SoundSync Drive will remember nearby devices which it has paired with before.

2. Use an FM Transmitter

If your car doesn’t have a 3.5mm auxiliary input, your next best solution is to use your radio. This works by pairing your smartphone to a gadget which transmits to an open radio frequency. We recommend a product that, according to Wirecutter, has the best sound quality in this category.

 GoGroove Flexsmart X2, P6,741 from Lazada

GoGroove Flexsmart X2 Bluetooth device

                                              Photo courtesy of

While pricier than alternatives, this model is the best in its category for music listening and Bluetooth pairing. It uses multipoint connectivity to allow sharing the transmitter with other passengers in the car. Like our Anker recommendation, this will pair with your smartphone automatically when you turn on your engine.

Sound quality during phone calls may not be as clear as with a wired 3.5mm auxiliary connector.

3. Get a Visor Kit

Upgrade a failing car speaker system without a pricey overhaul by purchasing a visor kit. These attach to your car’s interior through the drop-down shades near the front seats.

These products are a convenient all-in-one package for Bluetooth pairing to your smartphone, listening to music through great quality speakers, and streaming phone calls on the go.

 Jabra Freeway Speakerphone, P6,741 from Lazada

Jabra Freeway Speakerphone device

                                                    Photo courtesy of Lazada

This is a great solution for drivers looking to improve their call quality experience. The Freeway uses a system of three stereo speakers, two carefully positioned microphones, and intelligent internal processors.

Its excellent noise cancellation makes for unbeatable call quality through various driving scenarios, including passing through noisy highways.


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