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Dash cams have become essential for modern-day drivers. It has proven especially helpful when recovering footage to prove an insurance claim or to avoid unnecessary negotiation with traffic enforcers.

Choose one that best suits your car and the kind of video you need to capture!

Here’s a list of some budget-friendly dash cams you can buy online.


Parking & Night Vision Functionality

NIA DVR-XH302 4.3 inch LCD 1080p dual lens
P1,500 from Lazada (57% OFF)

A two-camera system is versatile and useful because it applies to both forward and reverse driving. You’ll capture all the video you need during every drive, and be able to park easily with a rear parking sensor.

This model from Nia even comes with night vision capabilities—perfect for getting your vehicle between the lines every time.


Wide Angle Lens

LHR B03 1080p Full HD WDR 170 Degree Dash Cam
P659 from Lazada (70% OFF)

See almost every detail in your video streams with HD video recording. Additionally, larger vehicles like SUVs and pickups will benefit from wide angle footage.

You’ll thank yourself for having a camera that captures everything from the roadside to the center of your hood, in the event of an accident.


Loop Recording

JvGood 3″ 1080P Dash Cam
P1,660 from Lazada (67% OFF)

Some dash cams are capable of loop recording. That is, when the camera storage is full, it keeps recording by overriding storage space taken up by the oldest footage. Some cameras simply stop recording when their storage is full, and this isn’t ideal unless you’re diligent about backing up your video files.

In most cases, you will only need to recover the footage taken within the day.

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