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Gamers are well versed in their use of the computer mouse and the left part of the keyboard. Since every game is fast paced, especially the ones no “pause” function, they almost never blink and can’t take their eyes off the monitor.

Because of this, they have learned to communicate in the quickest way possible. Over time, the gaming community has unknowingly created their own language that only avid players can understand.

Here are some of the terms most commonly used:


To farm in the world of gaming means to gather items, collect weapons, obtain money to be used for upgrades, or any action that would make you earn something without fighting.

Farming in games could mean going into empty houses to steal things or going around the map to find useful hidden objects.

 “GG” / “GGWP”

This is an acronym used to greet other players at the end of a game. It means “good game”. GGWP is a longer version which means “good game, well played”. Over time, it could mean a different thing, especially with Pinoy gamers.


This is what gamers call their “experience points”. In order for their characters to level up, they must increase their XP.

This can be done by playing longer and can sometimes be rewarded with new weapons, unlocking new abilities, or reaching milestones in the game.


This is what gamers call the items and weapons they collect from dead players they see along the way. Some gamers are in luck if they find loot that come from stronger characters.

Loot boxes can also mean the reward for accomplishing a particular quest in the game.


Super special attack moves are very limited. You can only use them when an urgent need arises. Once you have consumed this powerful attack, you cannot use it again for a specific amount of time. This waiting period for it to reload is called the cooldown.

 “Easter eggs” 

These are not literal eggs, but what gamers call the hidden features inside the game such as a bonus levels, secret characters, new maps, or anything that is discovered as you play. Easter eggs are also famous in movies.


This term is what gamers call a player who seems to not know what’s happening in a game or what to do with the controls.

This person is probably a beginner or a noob, a shorter version of the word “newbie”.


This is what gamers call a player who just stays in one place on the playing field and waits for the enemies to come close then do the killing

A camper does not go to where the action is or even move around to hunt for enemies. It annoys other active players.


This is what you call the instances when the game hangs, buffers, or skips due to poor connection or high ping.

Real-time gameplay does not flow well from the server to the player, resulting in delayed reaction times. It’s the most common reason why some players die in games.


This is the term used for the measurement of time in milliseconds for the information to travel from the server to the player.

It can appear as a bar or real numbers. A lower ping would mean better game experience.


Nothing is perfect. There are bugs that escaped QA testing in the game development period and ended up getting players stuck underwater, walking on walls, or hovering high up in the air.

Anything that the game does not intend to happen but the player is experiencing is called “glitching”.

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