5 Similarities and Differences of Arena of Valor and ML

In the world of gaming, the multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA is making waves whether in PC or mobile. These types of games use real-time strategy where a player controls a character in a team battling another team.

In the Philippines, Mobile Legends was released in 2017—just three months earlier than Arena of Valor. Those playing Clash of Clans were instantly hooked on these games, but non-gamers struggled to find differences between the two.

If you’re planning to begin your own mobile gaming journey, here are the similarities and differences of these two games that you should consider.


#1  Choose from a growing list of heroes



Both games have a roster of heroes or characters you can choose from. It grows every update with new hero release and each of them has their own skills and abilities you can use for your strategy.

#2  Five versus five, 10-minute game



Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor both need five real-time players on each team, which makes it 10 real people playing the same game at the same time. Each round of battle is timed at 10 minutes.

 #3  Same controls



Both of these mobile games have the same controls when it comes to the actual battle itself. Gamers who switch between Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor will have little to no difficulty in exploring which buttons to press.

 #4  Use of stars for ranking



Ranking according to star count can be found on both games. It might be the cause of frustration because no matter how good you play, if you have a weak teammate which led to your team’s loss, you would still lose a star.

 #5  List of special abilities, skills, and power-ups to unlock



Aside from heroes, both games have their gallery of special attacks and powers that players can unlock as they rank up in the game. They can use these one-word skills with corresponding icons for their chosen heroes to use during the game.


#1  Graphics



Arena of Valor has better, sharper, and crisper graphics. Mobile Legends has softer, toned-down visuals.

 #2  Map



Mobile Legends has the better-looking map probably because it has some DOTA and League of Legends atmosphere in it. Arena of Valor has a smaller map, which makes it easier to go face-to-face with the enemies.

#3  Gameplay



In terms of how the game is being played, its story, tactics, and the whole gaming experience, Mobile Legends is more challenging and exciting according to expert gamers.

 #4  Free heroes and skins



In Arena of Valor, heroes and skins (essentially costumes for characters) can be unlocked easily after a successful game.

In Mobile Legends, the skins are included as in-game purchases and new heroes are added in updates. This is because their skins have and additional skill that will be added to the chosen hero’s stats.

 #5  Stronger turrets and minions



Arena of Valor has stronger turrets and minions. The turrets are part of the bases that the teams must destroy. The minions are non-player characters that both competing teams have to distract and kill the other team.

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