Maya Verified Seller Terms and Conditions

  1. The Maya Verified Seller Program (“Program”) is a program ran by Maya Philippines Inc. (“Maya”) beginning on October 7, 2021 and will run until further notice.
  2. The Program is open to Maya e-wallet users (Maya accounts) that are online sellers (“Seller”) and receive payments online via e-Wallets or Bank Transfers. Their Maya accounts should be:
    1. Fully upgraded
    2. With at least ten (10) transactions with at least two (2) users in a month
    3. Not identified as a Fraud/AML Abuser
    4. In good standing with no more than one (1) brand risk complaint filed against them

    Separately, their online business must meet the following requirements:

    1. Must have a social media page (e.g. Facebook or Instagram) with at least one thousand (1,000) followers
    2. Must not have bad reviews on their social media page
  3. The Program shall also be open to online Sellers who apply to join the Program. In such case, the Seller shall be required to open and fully upgrade an account with Maya, and be accepted into the Program, in order to avail of the benefits in Section 4.
  4. The Program gives the Seller the following benefits:
    1. Exclusive Verified Seller badge that can be seen on their Maya account
    2. Entry on the Verified Seller category on Maya Mall
    3. Entry on the Verified Seller directory on the Verified Seller website:
    4. Opportunity to have their wallet limits increased up to One Million Pesos (P1,000,000.00) total, subject to Maya account usage criteria with real time transaction monitoring
    5. Opportunity to enjoy discounts, marketing support, and other exclusive perks to be announced by Maya
  5. To promote the Program, there will be online ads and telemarketing efforts (via recorded line) done by Maya.
  6. A Seller can register to the program by submitting the following details via an online registration form to be linked in online ads or provided by the Telemarketing agent.
    1. Full name on Maya account
    2. Mobile number on Maya account
    3. URL of their business’ social media page
    4. Business Name
    5. Business Logo
    6. Referral code (if applicable): A Referral Code is defined as a unique alphanumeric code assigned to Maya users that will allow them to refer the Sellers that they know to the Program. For every successful registration of a Seller to the Program, the owner of the Referral Code will get Maya credits within 5 business days from badge awarding of the referee or new Maya Verified Seller. The exact amount will be disclosed in promotional materials.
  7. Once submitted, Maya will validate the Seller’s qualification to ensure their adherence to the criteria stated in Item 2 for a period of two (2) business days.
  8. Maya reserves the right to check for the Seller’s business social media URL, name, and logo in case they have provided their personal social media page.
  9. Maya reserves the right to reject any application to the program if the adherence to the criteria in Item 2 cannot be determined at the time of validation.
  10. Three (3) business days after successful validation, the exclusive Verified Seller badge will be uploaded to the Seller’s Maya account.
  11. Five (5) business days after the Verified Seller badge is uploaded to the Maya account, the Seller will also receive an SMS notification on their successful registration to the Program.
  12. The Seller authorizes Maya to use the Seller’s social media name, photos, business name or logo, or any other relevant information in the Verified Seller directory in Maya Mall and our website. The Seller hereby irrevocably agrees, affirms, and warrants to hold Maya free from any liability, under equity, law, and contract, arising or that may arise out of such use.
  13. Once a Seller has been successfully registered to the Program, s/he is required to promote that they are a Maya Verified Seller on their social media pages and to encourage accepting payments via Maya.
  14. To maintain his/her Verified Seller status, a Seller must continue to meet the criteria set in Item 2. Maya will conduct a monthly review of Sellers registered to the Program to ensure this.
  15. In case a Seller fails to meet the criteria in Item 2, s/he will receive a notification from Maya advising him/her about his/her removal from the Program.
  16. Upon Maya’s identification that the Seller fails to meet the criteria in Item 2, the Verified Seller badge will be removed from the Seller’s Maya account, and the Seller will be removed from Maya Mall and the directory on the Program Website.
  17. Once a Seller has been removed from the Program, s/he may not be able to register again.
  18. Maya reserves the right to refuse or remove the Verified Seller status of Sellers that are proven to be invalid, fraudulent, or a result of gaming.
  19. Customer must notify Maya for any complaints regarding the promo. The decision of Maya on the complaint shall be considered final.
  20. For clarifications and complaints relative to this promo, please email
  21. The Program is run by Maya for the benefit of its Sellers who are qualified per terms and conditions. Maya has the sole discretion on whether or not to grant a Seller benefits to this Program or add to or remove any benefits to the Seller/s. Maya does not make any guarantees on the result of this Program and the Seller shall participate in this Program in its own will, with full understanding and agreement of the terms and conditions.