5 Things Only Kids Born During Holidays Can Relate To

Holidays are always a perfect time to get together and enjoy with your loved ones. It’s even more fun when you’re celebrating your birthday during this season because everyone is in the cheerful mood of giving.  

If you’re one of those Christmas or New Year season babies, you’ve probably experienced a few of these things below:  

#1 One gift for all occasions

A toddler female wearing Santa hat and costume holding a present behind a couch with presents and a white bear doll and tall Christmas tree

Being born on December 24th or Christmas itself is a double-edged sword when it comes to receiving gifts. You either get one gift for both occasions or you get an extra gift because it’s your birthday! If the latter is what mostly happens to you, then you’re the lucky type   

#2 You’ll always have ‘handa

May it be on Christmas or New Year, there are no questions asked, you’ll automatically have a feast for your birthday! Who cares if it’s originally for Noche Buena or Media Noche and not your birthday spread? As long as there is lumpiang shanghai, all is good!   

#3 Fireworks are normal

Man and lady holding both small fire cracker together near ocean

Having fireworks on your birthday as a normal occurrence? Who else can claim this phrase better than those who were born on New Year’s Eve or New Year itself? 

#4 Your friends can’t come over for parties

One downside of turning a year older during holidays is having less friends who can come over to party. Most of the time, they’re spending Christmas or New Year’s with their own families so you’re forced to celebrate your birthday with them on a different day. 

#5 It’s always a big gathering with the family 

A family happy wearing Santa hat facing and taking a selfie in front the mobile phone

You can’t help but look forward to your birthday on Christmas or New Year because no matter how busy your loved ones have been during the year, they’ll surely make time to gather and celebrate.   


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