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College graduation is a big milestone and opens an exciting chapter of your life in the real world. But at the same time, being out in the job market can be nerve-wracking and daunting.

You can be overwhelmed with so many factors and challenges you’d have to face when looking for a job. Well, you don’t have to fret as here are tips you can start with on how you can focus and land on a job. 

Spend time crafting your resume

Your resume can be a make-or-break factor when it comes to some companies so make sure to put effort into crafting it. Ensure that your resume sells you as a qualified candidate.

Try to tweak and modify it by highlighting your skills and experiences that matches the position and company you’re applying for. With a great resume, you can increase your chances of getting more job offers.

Make a list of target companies

Job applications can be very tedious especially if some companies require cover letters and different forms to be filled up aside from the usual resume. Because of this, it’s important to really target roles and companies you’d really want to work for.

Read job descriptions thoroughly to assess if you’re a perfect fit for the role and research about the companies you’re applying for so you can save time and really get job offers you’d most likely consider.

Build your network

The connections you’ve made while you were still in school and people you meet ever after you graduated are those who can be your best resources and people you can tap during your job search.

Ask for recommendations from your professors or mentors. If any of them have direct connections to a job or a company, take your chances to ask for referrals as well. This gives you an advantage compared to those who apply without a personal contact or referral.

Practice your interviewing skills

Never go to an interview unprepared. Practicing and researching for your interview is one of the best ways to boost your confidence and ace it.

Look up the company you’re applying for on the internet and research about the usual and most challenging interview questions. Do a mock interview in front of the mirror or do it with a family member or a friend so you can practice your answers.

By being prepared with your answers and making the hiring manager feel that you can help their company grow, they’ll realize that you’re passionate about working with them and this gives you higher chances of getting the job.

Know how much and how to pay for your government contributions

It’s amazing to be able to work in a company that could assist you in paying your monthly government contributions such as SSS and Pag-IBIG. 

And since working for your first job gives you a leap into adulthood, it also means more government fees and responsibilities. So, it’s an advantage if you know how to take care of these and pay for them in the easiest and most convenient way possible.

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