How Gift Cards, Vouchers, Rewards Can Be Used for Payments

Nowadays, there are more ways than one ever to pay your bills and shop. Besides cash, there are also cashless options such as e-wallets, debit cards, credit cards, and online banking. What’s even better is that, more often than not, there are also special deals when you use these alternative payment methods.

For example, you can earn e-wallet credits when you refer your friend to use the same service. There are also gift cards, cashback and various kinds of rewards, as well as vouchers that you can accumulate or purchase. These can then be used as alternatives to cash for payments.

Here’s how you can get them and how to use them for shopping and so much more:

Gift Cards

There are two kinds of gift cards, in general: those that can only be used in specific or subsidiary stores, and those that are accepted in multiple establishments. Gift cards are good as cash and, by law, should not have any expiration dates. That’s because you purchase them using money, and money’s value doesn’t expire.

Many gift cards come in the form of paper certificates with various denominations. Some can be as low as Php 100, while some can be as high as Php 1,000. These are often designed for one-time use—you can spend the exact amount indicated in the card, or either a lower or higher amount. For the former, there will be no change issued; for the latter, you have to add to your payment using cash or other payment solutions.

There are also those that come in the form of plastic cards, which you can keep on using until the amount is completely consumed. Some of these gift cards are also reloadable. After spending the value on the card, you can use it as a kind of prepaid card. Usually, this kind of gift card is branded and can only be used for that specific brand.

Finally, there are gift cards that come in the form of digital certificates. They either have a barcode or QR code that the merchant can scan from your phone. If you’re going to use them online, you’re going to be given a code that you can input upon checkout. One big benefit of this kind of gift card is that it’s eco-friendly. There’s no need to print certificates or produce plastic cards because everything is digital.


Vouchers or coupons are similar to gift cards. However, instead of cash value, vouchers or coupons usually come with equivalent discounts. In addition, they often come with usage conditions. For example, you can only use your 20% discount coupon or Php 150 off voucher if you spend at least Php 500 pesos on products that aren’t on sale.

Some vouchers can also be exchanged for products or services. For instance, a spa might give away coupons for a free 1-hour massage to their loyal customers. There are also vouchers that can only be used through shopping apps, or those that are only valid for a limited amount of time.

Of course, for avid online shoppers, the free delivery voucher is a forever favorite. Even better, this kind of voucher can often be used with other promotions and coupons. With the strategic usage of free delivery vouchers and other discount coupons, you can easily make the most of your online shopping.


Rewards are some of the most flexible kinds of alternative payment options. That’s because merchants and brands can think of endless ways to reward their customers. One of the most popular rewards nowadays is cashback or rebate. Depending on the amount you spend, you can get back a portion of what you paid. Then, you can use that cashback for other purchases or payments.

Another popular reward system is through points, which can be earned through different activities. The points you get will usually depend on the amount spent or the products purchased. For example, a credit card rewards program can give you 1 point for every Php 250 spent for groceries. It’s all up to the merchant or provider how many points to award for certain circumstances.

Most of the time, the points accumulated can be used as cash. They can also be converted into other kinds of rewards, such as the above-mentioned vouchers or discount coupons. You can also use rewards points to pay for your bills, such as those that you accumulate with your credit cards.

Filipinos are known for “diskarte.” We can make the most of everything, especially our hard-earned money. That’s why it’s not really surprising that we Filipinos also love exploring different kinds of payment systems and rewards programs. As the saying goes, the more, the merrier!

With the right “diskarte” in using buying and accumulating these alternative payment methods, you can definitely stretch your budget and get the most value.

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