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Does it get frustrating when you say “I-Maya ko na lang” but you realize that you’re the only Maya user in your barkada? We know how you feel!  

To help you pull your friends into the amazing cashless lifestyle, we’re giving you a cheat sheet for the types of friends who truly need Maya in their lives, and which features we think best fit their personalities!

#1 The Accountant

Hand writing on a paper

One hundred pesos spent on transportation? Noted! Two hundred fifty pesos spent on lunch? Listed! This kind of friend leaves no expense unaccounted for—hence our fun little nickname for them! They want to be thorough and the have a list of their daily expenses, whether on their notebooks or their phones.  
Maya feature they’ll love: The real-time record of all their Maya transactions via SMS or their app! No more worrying about forgetting to jot down certain expenses! Amazing, right? 

#2 The "Occupied"

Two paper

With their busy schedules and stacked-up responsibilities, our “occupied” friends sometimes forget about some tasks, like paying for their utility bills on time. You’ve probably heard them talking about their disconnected phone lines too many times because they didn’t have time to go to payment centers. 

Maya feature they’ll love: Paying bills through the Maya app! No need to line up and spend time in payment centers. They can easily pay their bills on their phones even in the middle of all-day meetings.

#3 The "Cashless"

Mamaya na lang - Text background

No group is ever complete without at least one of these cashless friends
who always gets away with the line, “Mamaya na lang, wala akong barya eh.”

Admit it: Since it’s not a big amount, you often forget to ask for what they owe you most of the time. 

Maya feature your group will love: No more “wala akong barya” scenarios because you and your friends can easily send money to each other with just a few clicks! 

#4 The Rewards Card Hoarder

A hand holding a wallet with 3 cards

Their wallets or purses are always bursting at the zippers because of rewards cards from every establishment possible (more than actual money bills in their wallet). Who can blame them? They just love to get discounts and rewards when they shop. 

Maya feature they’ll love: Cashback, cashback, and more cashback! When they shop online, pay bills, or pay with Maya QR, they get discounts or cashback depending on the current promo deals. Tell your friend to check Maya.com/deals for more details! 

#5 The Online Shopper


These friends basically have an account in all the online shopping platforms! They’ve mastered when to click checkout (a.k.a. waiting for online sales) to get bigger discounts and how to score free shipping.  

Maya feature they’ll love: Their own virtual card in the Maya app that they can easily use when shopping online! Yes, no need for a credit card when you have this secure card for all your online transactions.  

Now that you know who among your friends need Maya in their lives, it’s time to invite them over to the cashless lifestyle! 
Refer and earn when you share your invite code to family and friends! Just ask friends to download the Maya app and input your invite code, which you’ll find in the app. Once your friend successfully upgrades his or her Maya account, you get a P100 reward. Now here’s the cool part: Your friend gets P100, too!  
For more details, visit maya.ph/refer.

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