How to Increase Your Sales Right Now |

Give your sales an immediate boost with strategies that will bring customers in (and back).  

The point of any business is to make a profit. From small online merchants to giant conglomerates, increasing sales and, consequently, your revenue, is a task easier said than done.  

Many of these approaches are more long-term in scope—like new customer acquisition efforts, for example—with its effects on your bottom line seen only a considerable amount of time after you begin implementing your strategy. But for those looking to increase their sales straight away, there are a few things you can do that could directly affect your numbers right now.  

Show Off Customer Reviews 

Hand holding magnifying glass with like icon insideAccording to a 2017 report by the Spiegel Research Center on the impact of online customer reviews on sales, it confirmed that online reviews have a “significant and quantifiable” effect on the decision of customers to buy a product.  

In the same way one would ask a friend for recommendations, customer testimonials can be the final nudge for someone to finally purchase a product instead of just keeping it in their cart. You can do the same by placing reviews from previous clients in a more prominent spot on your website, or letting customers place reviews after they purchase. 

Run Regular

Orange bell icon with red backgroundRunning sales promotions is proven to increase customer spending. People are always on the lookout for a good deal and are more willing to spend if they stand to gain added benefits such as savings or exclusive perks.  

Several promotions merchants can try out include giving away coupons or referral bonuses, offering free upgrades or add-ons, creating urgency by way of a flash sale, bundling products or services that go together and offering it at a discount, and offering large-volume discounts. 

Try Tiered Pricing

Weigh of dollar and electronic bills with teal backgroundThis involves structuring your pricing in a way that will unconsciously drive customers to a specific price range which is often the middle selection.  When you offer low-, middle-, and high-priced items, people will be more inclined to choosing the middle option, deciding that it’s the best value for their money.   

You can use this pricing strategy to your advantage by placing products you want to sell in this middle range. You can also reinforce this behavior by highlighting the middle option as the best deal. 

Start Accepting Online Payments  

Hand holding mobile phone with red backgroundIf you’re only using your website as a spot to park your business and display your products, you’re missing out on unrealized sales. Consider providing an option for customers to order and pay on your e-commerce site, and prepare to see your sales grow. 

You don’t even have to hire a web developer to configure your website. Maya Business offers an e-commerce payment gateway that lets you accept online credit card payments using E-Commerce Plug-ins powered by Maya Business. After plugging in the payment feature, you can start accepting payments right away—no business downtime and complicated web development necessary.  

E-Commerce Plug-ins allow merchants to easily install Maya Checkout on supported e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. Just download the latest plugin from Github, configure the settings in Wordpress Admin, and begin accepting payments.  Your customers will simply be redirected to the secure Checkout page. 

Once everything is set up, you can immediately start accepting payments online. Manage and track your received payments in your e-commerce platform, and easily see their status through Maya Manager. Payments are settled fast, and all transactions are done within a secure platform.  

Accept online payments today and begin to increase your sales. Find out more about how E-Commerce Plug-ins powered by Maya Business can help your business by getting in touch here. 

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