Benefits of Sending and Receiving Money through Smart Padala

Maya Center by Maya is a cash remittance service whose international operations began all the way in 2004. It holds the distinction of being the first such service in the world to be linked to mobile phones. The year after its founding, Maya Center eventually launched its domestic operations. It now boasts the largest domestic remittance network in the country, with 27,000 agents and counting. Thanks to its accessibility even in less urbanized areas, and among underbanked Filipinos, Maya Center has become a top choice for sending and receiving money in the Philippines.

Below are six key benefits of using Maya Center’s system for sending and receiving funds. These demonstrate how you can use Maya Center with modern-day money transfer solutions, such as sending money with Maya.

It’s Easy to Find a Maya Center Center Nearby

The idea of strength in numbers is definitely something that applies to Maya Center. Since there are so many agents around the country, it won’t be hard to find the nearest center and remit money to loved ones. The same goes for those claiming the money; a nearby Maya Center agent may be just a short walk, drive, or jeepney ride away.

You Can Also Remit Money through Maya Center from Abroad

Maya Center’s origins are in the international remittance industry. Thus, to date, using it is still one of the fastest and most convenient ways to remit money from abroad. Among the countries that Maya Center currently has international partnerships with are Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Malaysia, Singapore, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia. If your loved one is an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), they can use Maya Center’s services to transfer over the counter, send money online, or send money via SMS.

You Can Add Money and Encash from Your Maya E-Wallet

Another great thing about Maya Center’s services is that they work seamlessly with a modern e-wallet like Maya. Adding money to one’s Maya balance from a Maya Center center is a breeze. Simply choose “Maya Center via code” on Maya and give this code, along with your payment and ID, to the agent. To encash with an upgraded Maya account, you’ll need to input the 16-digit account number your agent gives you on the app’s account number field. Once you click “Send” and present your ID, cellphone, and reference number, you can claim the money. After your first time linking your Maya with Maya Center, you’ll get used to sending and receiving money this way!

There Are No Fees for Claiming Remittances

Those remitting money through Maya Center will need to pay a minimal service fee, depending on the amount that they will be sending. But those who’ll be receiving the money don’t have to pay anything extra to claim it. If you’re claiming money, all you need to do is head to the nearest Maya Center agent and show your SMS notification and an ID card. Just remember that you can only claim your Maya Center remittance within 150 days. To avoid issues, receive the money from the Maya Center center as soon as possible.

There’s Less Red Tape Involved

As you’ll notice from the info above, the process for both remitting and claiming funds through Maya Center isn’t very complicated. All you’ll need are a cellphone, the reference number for your transaction, and a valid ID. Those for whom traditional banking services are less accessible can turn to Maya Center to send or claim money. For sure, it won’t involve lining up at the bank or filling out a long application form just to use the service.

It’s a No-Sweat Method for Paying Your Bills

Remittance to family and friends isn’t the only type of transaction you can do at a Maya Center center. It’s also possible to settle bills for utilities, healthcare, insurance, and government contributions with a Maya Center agent. This is a quick and viable method to pay your bills, along with managing your Maya from Facebook Messenger and paying bills through instant messaging. If you already plan to send or claim money through Maya Center, you can pay your household bills with the agent at the same time. That’s one less trip to make to another location, and more time saved on your behalf!

Enjoy Safer, Easier, and More Convenient Ways of Sending and Receiving Money, through Maya Center

There are many modern-day applications for sending or receiving money through Maya Center. It offers an easy way to provide for the needs of one’s family even when one is working abroad. It’s also a way for parents to remit money to their kids and vice versa for when grown-up children already have their own careers. Maya Center can also be used to settle everyday expenses like household bills. The nearest Maya Center center can be your one-stop shop for managing your personal finances.

For a safe, convenient, and inexpensive way to either remit or claim money, look for a Maya Center agent in your vicinity. Trust in Maya Center by Maya to help you and your loved ones fulfill your everyday financial needs!

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