6 Unique and Unforgettable Gift Ideas to Give This Year

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up a lot of Filipinos’ shopping habits, which is not so surprising considering how so many of us still love buying at brick-and-mortar establishments. You yourself are probably planning to change your annual routine for buying Christmas or birthday gifts. Perhaps you’ll choose to shop online instead of at physical stores, and instead of cash, you’ll rely on cashless payment to make safe and convenient purchases.

The good news is, it’s possible for you to use Maya for both online purchases and contactless purchases done in-store. You can also use either your Maya virtual card or Maya physical card to purchase gifts. You, your friends, and your family must miss human connection more than ever—but you can still express your love for each other through gifts. Here are some gift ideas that they’ll appreciate, find useful, or be highly entertained by. Treat them to presents with a personal touch, and help them fulfill important needs. And most of all, show them that you’re there for them during this difficult time.

A Festive Takeout Feast for the Family

One crowd-pleasing gift that you can treat someone to on the occasion of their birthday, a holiday, or a career milestone is their favorite meal. You can help them celebrate by getting takeout or delivery from their favorite quick service restaurant or at a special dining establishment.

You can contact the establishment or the restaurateurs themselves to see how they’ve rethought their dining experience for the home, and then bring that festive atmosphere to your own place. In Filipino culture, close connections are forged over delicious food, and that isn’t likely to change even in times of crisis. Your family is sure to be grateful for the experience.

Clothes, Shoes, or Accessories to Safely Suit Up With

You can also gift the more fashion-forward of your loved ones with clothes, shoes, or accessories to use outside or when working in their home office. Nowadays, it’s easy to purchase from your favorite lifestyle stores and to do cashless payments in a variety of retail establishments. You can simply choose the item that fits their taste and aesthetic preferences and order it online. Alternatively, you can choose it from the rack and complete a touchless payment at the store. Delight your loved ones by helping them look sharp for the holidays—helpful for those virtual meetings with their friends and co-workers.

Gadgets to Recreate a Home Theater

For your loved ones who miss going to the cinema, you can help them recreate that movie magic with their own home theater. Buy top-of-the-line gadgets from online stores—like speakers, a projector, or a streaming device—so that they can upgrade their watching experience. An immersive home theater for their favorite movies or TV shows may be just what they need to relieve the stress and anxiety of being cooped up at home. Good gadgets are also built to last, so if you choose quality items for them, they can enjoy their cinema-like experience over and over!

An Online Subscription to a Useful Website or App

Physical items aren’t the only things you can give as gifts this year. You can also treat a friend or family member to digital goods, such as website or app subscriptions. Base your gift on what they will find useful in their daily lives. If they love music, you can pay for a premium subscription to a music streaming platform like Spotify. If they like reading, you can spot their subscription for an online news outlet, magazine, or blog. If they like games, you can buy gaming pins that they can use for their next online adventure. Get creative and think of digital gifts that your loved one can use anywhere they are, as long as they have a smartphone or a tablet.

Equipment for the Ultimate Work-from-Home Setup

Now that many Filipino wage earners have shifted to a work-from-home arrangement, equipment to help them stay focused is very much in demand. Your friend or family member may be looking for new ergonomic gear for their home office. Gifts that can help them stay productive and comfortable—like an adjustable table, a mechanical keyboard, or a back support cushion for their home office chair—will be highly appreciated. Thus, for their birthday or for Christmas, you can look for items that will aid them in this “new normal.”

Resources to Cultivate Online Learning

In the same vein, many Filipino kids are now enrolled in their school’s online learning programs. If you have kids, or if you want to support someone who does, you can give educational gifts or items for their home classroom. This is also the perfect time to build a child’s education fund, and you can even use Maya to settle important school fees. Thanks to your generosity, a child’s learning can continue and they will receive the ever-precious gift of a good education.

Find the Best Gifts You Can Give This Year

Now that meeting and spending time with each other isn’t as easy as before, a gesture like gift-giving is doubly impactful to your loved ones. Through a well-chosen gift, you can make your presence felt and show your affection for them. And though your gift may be simple, it can contribute a lot to their wellbeing and quality of life during such a difficult time. You can purchase gifts safely, and at your utmost convenience, with a digital payment platform like Maya.

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